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WR Bam Childress (official thread)



Childress determined to catch on
Former Mr. Football learned ropes from older brother

By Doug Harris

Dayton Daily News

COLUMBUS | — Ohio State's Bam Childress has a knack for breaking free from defenders. And when the senior receiver wants to stick close to someone, he's proven he can do that, too.

While growing up around Cleveland, Childress shadowed his brother and idol, Ike, who is five years older.

Whenever there was a neighborhood football game, Ike was under orders from home to let Bam tag along.

"That guy would follow me everywhere, but that's how he got so good," Ike said. "At age 12, he was playing with high school kids. Back then, I didn't want him to come. But I'm glad my mother made me do it."

Ike's friends may have been reluctant at first to include Bam, but that didn't last long.

"Sometimes, he would get picked before me," Ike said.

Now 27, Ike runs a realty business near Cleveland, but Bam is still following in his brother's footsteps. When Ike tattooed his arm with an image of a lion, Bam got one, too.

"Everything my brother tried to do, I'm trying to do," Bam said. "I wanted a lion because I look up to him."

But Bam would like to chart his own course in at least one arena. His older brother played sports in high school, but his career fell short of his goals. And Bam knows the clock is ticking on his dreams, too.

He racked up a career-high 11 receptions as a junior last season, including two catches for 44 yards in the Fiesta Bowl. But he spent most of the year as the fourth wide-out, and he faces another fierce fight this fall to get on the field.

Sophomores Santonio Holmes and Roy Hall went into the preseason with starting spots, while Childress was expected to get snaps with the first team in three-receiver sets.

Asked what's kept him from blossoming, Childress said, "Numbers ... being behind great receivers."

But he added: "When it's your turn, you've got to make the most of your opportunity. I think this year will be my opportunity."

The 5-foot-9 Childress won the Ohio Mr. Football Award in 1999 at Bedford Chanel High School, and he has displayed breathtaking moves in practice since his arrival. But the Buckeyes have preferred bigger targets.

"Their offense depends on a 6-5 receiver that can go long, and they can throw it up to him," Ike Childress said. "Bam is a guy that if you throw him the short ball, he can take it the distance. But that system has been in place since (coach Jim) Tressel has been there, and there's no use changing for one guy."

Childress seldom complains about his reduced role — not even at home.

"As long as the team is successful, he's happy," Ike said. "But he does want to play."

Bam's competitiveness is symbolized by another of his tattoos: a snarling pitbull.

"That's the type of attitude I've got," he said. "Don't ever give up, always be aggressive, go after everything you want."

Childress owns a pair of pitbulls. But they're being raised by his mother, and he's afraid they're losing their edge.

"My mom is spoiling them," he said. "She feeds them out of the refrigerator, and they're sleeping on the bed."

He added disgustedly, "I don't like that."
WR "Bam" Childress (official thread)

didn't see this posted anywhere, and it's pretty good...

Bam glad to be here
Childress happy to finally contribute for OSU

COLUMBUS (AP) - It was the Ohio State career of Brandon ''Bam'' Childress in one play.

Late in the first quarter of the Buckeyes' season opener on Saturday against Cincinnati, quarterback Justin Zwick tossed a long, high spiral in the direction of Childress, who was streaking down the field near the hash marks.

Childress ran under the pass and sprinted to the end zone for the Buckeyes' first points of the year. The crowd roared, the band played and his teammates crowded around to tap him on the helmet and pat him on the back.

Then the yellow flag fell to the ground. Back up field, near the line of scrimmage. An Ohio State lineman was called for holding, nullifying the touchdown, abruptly ending the celebration and, once again, dramatically taking away Childress' moment in the spotlight.

For a change, however, the story had a happy ending for Childress. He didn't get credit for the 46-yard touchdown catch, although he did finish with four catches for 67 yards in the Buckeyes' 27-6 victory. He was honored as Ohio State's top player on offense.

''I had a great game but I don't want to be complacent or anything,'' the Warrensville Heights native said. ''I want to keep on working hard in the weight room and get better every game.''

If there's one thing Childress has learned, it's to not take anything for granted. He came to Ohio State as Ohio's Mr. Football. Big things were projected for the quick defensive back/receiver with the moves of a matador.

Then he all but vanished only to reappear as a potential star every spring. He watched as the Buckeyes churned out a series of great receivers, all of whom took their place ahead of him in the pecking order (Michael Jenkins, Ken-Yon Rambo, Reggie Germany, Chris Vance, Chris Gamble, Drew Carter).

''It was frustrating but the biggest thing for me was just knowing that when I do get the opportunity I had to make the best of it,'' Childress said.

Still, that opportunity never came.

The clippings, plaques and trophies didn't get him playing time. He was redshirted in 2000, then rode the pine for most of the 2001 season, making one catch. He saw action in 13 games as a sophomore, catching only four passes while collecting a national championship ring.

A year ago, Carter broke a leg but redshirt freshman Santonio Holmes stole the job opposite Jenkins in the Ohio State offense. Childress filled in while catching nine passes in a bit role.

Job had less patience than Childress.

When doubts crept in, he visited coach Jim Tressel - more times than he can remember.

''I couldn't count 'em, but I know it was a lot though,'' he said with a laugh. ''I remember me all the time asking coach Tressel, 'What can I do to get better?' or 'What can I work on?' Every time we talked it made me feel better as far as what to work on, what to do, what not to do. I'm just glad that me and him are real close.''

Childress kept working. A star in spring games, he disappeared down the depth chart when the autumn came around.

A brief payoff came last January in the Fiesta Bowl when Childress caught two passes for 44 yards, including a 36-yard gain that set up the Buckeyes' second touchdown, in what would be a 35-28 win over Kansas State.

When that game was over, Childress recommitted himself to working out, getting in condition and preparing for his fifth and final season.

Now the old man of the receiving corps has earned his stripes. He still doesn't start, but that's OK with the 22-year-old.

''I never got my head down,'' Childress said. ''I just kept working hard, knowing that if you keep working hard it's going to pay off sooner or later.''

Now might be that time. Sharing time with Holmes and Roy Hall out wide, he will likely get his share of opportunities. ''One thing he's always had is a passion to contribute to the team and do whatever we have to do to win,'' Tressel said. ''Bam has worked extremely hard at the little techniques, the things that you might not see. The last third of last season, the bowl practice, the spring and this preseason have shown all of us that Bam Childress is going to make a big impact.''
yeah, i'm glad he's here too...
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I've said all along he's going to be our surprise player of the year on offense. I felt like shit when they called his TD catch back, but I know he's going to get at least a few TD catches this season, and he'll get them soon. I look for him to go totally nuclear against Marshall.
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Jeezopete said:
Ummmm, I thought the penalty was on Roy Hall for an illegal pick.

The article said the flag was thrown for holding by a lineman

Rusty Miller strikes again
yes yes he does, you would think now that they call out the numbers and the call is offensive pass interference he could get something right

ps i do like the article on "barn" childress
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:lol: haha....now THIS is funny. apparently im trash talking and baiting. i dont care....im just wondering why you think thats what i was doing Hubs....or if you even are Hubs.
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I saw yesterday that he had moved from starting to 4th on the depth chart. I haven't been able to watch the last two games. What's the story with Bam? I was hoping this would be a break-out season for him.
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Bam Childress

I was just wondering if anyone will give "Bam Bam" a shot at minicamp...I would love to see him get a chance with the Chiefs as a S.T. specialist. Dante Hall and Bam Childress on kickoff return....WOW...

Your Thoughts....
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