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Will Bryant
Staff member
Is an impressive RB. I know it was against Notre Dame, who is gloriously horrible, but still -- 189 yards and 5 TDs is a good day for anyone.

I'm not going to dwell on the "what ifs", but there's one Ohio kid I would like to have a Buckeye right about now. Is it safe to assume he went to 'Cuse because his high-profile cousin signed with us?

I loved it at the end of the game when Lynn Swann asked if he'd be back for his senior year, and without hesitation the answer was a clear and unwavering "yes".

In some ways, the "unspeakable one" was one of the greatest things to happen to OSU football. In many ways, he's become one of the worst. Such is life though. It's going to be interesting to see how his story plays out from here forward.
Is it safe to assume he went to 'Cuse because his high-profile cousin signed with us?

Not safe this time :wink:. Actually Reyes is 2 years older than Clarett and I don't think he was recruited heavily by OSU which is the reason he went to Cuse. Reyes came from Struthers and was in the same class as McFadden who was from Sturthers as well. It took Reyes a couple years, but he has gotten steadily better, I think he will be a stud next year. I was surprised when OSU wasn't after him. I think we got the raw end of that deal.

As a side note, did you see the game that fellow Hubbardite Anthony Smith had? He would've looked nice in the Scarlet and Gray, but I am almost positive he wouldn't of beat out Salley this year, maybe he would've been the Nickel back. He has put on some muscle since he graduated and has come along way from last year when he got juked by Caddillac Willaims for the TD.
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Good call Hubs, I had all the info (Reyes a Junior, Clarett a, a um, something at or beyond Freshman), and just didn't put it together. Either way, I wouldn't mind having him in our backfield.

As far as Notre Dame goes, those Domers better get it together if they're really considering joining the Big Ten. They may be the deathblow to USC's Sugar hopes, and I'd be ready to choke some Irish if the same was happening to us. If they join the conference, then they better bring something besides ancient history, and be a plus to our SOS each year when we crush them.
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To add insult to injury, one of their biggest supporters, The Lemming, is now criticizing their recruiting this year. They have some serious work to do if they wanna turn it around. They have a pretty good coach, now they need some athletes.
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