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Troy Smith Saga has begun.....


Never Forget 31-0
''I'm not happy. I'm not going to say everything is peaches and cream and that I have no feelings, because this is my life,'' Smith said yesterday. ''Ninety percent of the guys on this team, this is what they want to do after college. They want to go to the NFL and make some money É I'm not going to say they're playing with my life, but they've got puppet strings with it.''
Well, the kid has certainly changed his tune, from always saying team, team, team to its all about me.....the puppet strings part makes me laugh, wake up....your getting a full ride to a major u, get your education and wait your turn to play!

''I know they don't really owe us an explanation,'' he said. ''But at the same time, if there's a situation where a guy isn't doing all the wrong things, then something needs to be said. It's not like I'm going out and (cursing) everybody, missing reads and calling the wrong plays. I think sometimes in situations like that, something needs to be said.''
I took this part as implying that Zwick was not doing the correct things on the field and that Tressel was looking the other way and not saying anything.....???

''That's for you guys to decide,'' he said. ''I really can't say anything on that because I don't want to put myself in a situation where I say this and then the repercussions of what I say to the media have something to do with my playing time.''
So I guess Tressel bases his decision on the starter on what is said in the press?

''There were certain times we'd practice and when things would break down and I'd ad-lib, good things would happen,'' Smith said. ''But I was told I don't need to work on that aspect of my game, because that's already where it needs to be, which I don't believe, either. There's a lot of things I don't know about -- tucking a ball, things like that -- because I haven't had a chance to showcase yet.''
Wake up Troy, they are asking you to become a drop back passer and be a quarterback, not an athlete! Take a good look at the spring game, your feet were all over the place!

After earlier this summer saying that incident would have no affect on who wins the quarterback job, Smith softened that stance yesterday.

''It could've, but who am I to say what someone else is thinking?'' he said. ''A couple situations could have hurt me. Just the whole thing with me being good friends with Maurice Clarett, which I still am. I wish with all my heart he was still here. So a couple things could've been held against me.''
so, I guess because your friends with MOC is the reason your not the starter? Unbelievable!

Smith avoided criticizing Zwick or the offense as a whole, but said he chose to speak up now because, in his opinion, he's not saying anything that fans and coaches haven't already witnessed.

too late you already did.......wow...


This picture says a thousand words about Troy Smith and his team first attitude, it was all a bunch of #$%@......

I always respected Smith and really wanted to see him succeed, but after reading about his issues, I have lost some respect for him. I wonder if he meant all those things he was saying in the past about team first and just trying to win games, he sure does mention the NFL and taking care of his family more than winning ball games at OSU. Maybe it is time he moved on, but beware.....ask jaja Riley and Austin Mocherman how there transfers went....:shake: :shake: :smash: :smash:


Head Coach

I don't think what he did was wrong. Yeah he kinda hinted at some stuff, but could you imagine what Troy has to be going through? Yes he made some points you know by saying some stuff, but he also tried to cover it up alittle so that should tell you he cares what his team thinks of him and he really doesn't want to be a distraction if you read it properly. You have to believe troy thinks he should be the starter and after his performance against Cincy I don't see why we dont' give him another shot? I mean we won't ever know if we just dont' put him in? Everytime we put him in we ran some pussy ass draw play and EVERYONE knew it was coming including the defense. I think what troy said was out of frustration of not even getting a fair shot more than anything. I mean they were declared neck and neck in mini camp and all that crazy stuff, and then we come out and the kid doesn't see the light of day. Whats up with that you know? I think Tressel should play Smith against a more less violent team like Indiana or perhaps even Northwestern just to see what he's really like against competition!! I mean for all we know he's the next Vince Young!!! Vince Young didn't even play till that Mock got hurt last year and look what he's doing for them? Also Troy Smith is a perfect replica of Brian Randell From Virginia Tech. He has more than expectional speed and has a GUN. I just feel for the kid and wish he would get his shot especially since Zwick really hasn't lit the world on fire. If Zwick was tear'n shit up then I'd understand but he's not and I think Troy is definatly not getting his fair chance.
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Herbie for President
I hope this was him blowing off steam... although Boeckman will more than likely be a good one, Rob S. will take time to develop. w/0 Smith we have two serviceable QB's... that is too big a risk imo.

He would more than likely need to transfer to D1AA or DII or DIII... Did McMullen get drafted or sign with an NFL team?
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Staff member
Former Premier League Champ
So he's unhappy with not playing...I'm glad. I want the guys to want to play. And, if he got the impression he would get some series in every game and he's not, then he's just frustrated, because he doesn't think he did something to deserve being taken out of a rotation that apparently doesn't really exist. He also knows the O has been having issues, and undoubtedly he thinks he could be helping. None of this is bad, unless he becomes a cancer in the locker room...of which there is no evidence yet.
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joe germaine showed pure class throughout his situation....and he had on the field performance on his side....and it worked out okay for joe....

troy just shut your pie hole and transfer....you will be third string soon anyways...
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Icon and Entertainer
Teammate Bam Childress is one of the players who constantly talks with Smith and tries to keep his spirits up. Not long ago, Childress was in a similar spot. But now as a senior, he has been moved into the starting role this week at flanker.

''I was in the same position he's in, thinking I'll never get in or I'll never play or something drastic has to happen for me to play,'' Childress said. ''But just being patient and leaving it up to God, good things will happen.''

There you go, Troy. Good advice from a friend. Listen to more BC and less MoC.
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you cannot compare the germaine situation to smith. germaine received HALF of the snaps from under center. smith gets NONE.

as smith said, in a sense his future is being toyed with. wa lot of you want smith to fall in line and be a good ol' boy, but smith wants an opportunity. he wants to play for ohio st. he wants to play in the nfl and feed his family. football is a team game, but there are individual concerns within this framework. most players don't speak out if they KNOW the player ahead of them is better. have you ever heard harlen jacobs speak out? what about john hollins? uh, NO. why? i can tell you it is not because the are the ultimate team players. they KNOW they have guys ahead of them who are better. smith has a guy ahead of him who he thinks he is better than. period.

smith, get out of there as quickly as you can. the writing is on the wall.
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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member
I would never fault a kid for being upset about riding the pine. No player should settle for 2nd string and they should bust their ass to earn some playing time. That said I wish Troy would have talked to the coaches privately instead of airing his grievances in the media. I'm not sure what he did is going to help his cause any.

The only thing he said that really bothered me was suggesting his past relationship with Clarett could have something to do with his lack of PT. That's absolutely ridiculous.
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bukIpower said:
I think Tressel should play Smith against a more less violent team like Indiana or perhaps even Northwestern just to see what he's really like against competition!!
That's exactly what we don't need...Troy putting up a Lydell type performance against the IU, UC, and NU's of the world. Those games do little for me in terms of judging productivity.

I mean for all we know he's the next Vince Young!!! Vince Young didn't even play till that Mock got hurt last year and look what he's doing for them?
What the hell has Vince Young done in his three years at Texas? Not much for the #1 recruit in the country as far as I'm concerned.
Vince Young stats

If Zwick was tear'n shit up then I'd understand but he's not and I think Troy is definatly not getting his fair chance.
Did he not do such against Marshall? One of the best games from our QB since '98. He was also named player of week for his play against NC State which was not pretty but effective against the #1 defense in the country.
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the bottom line is that all we've heard out of tressel's piehole for years (and constantly recently as it relates to ZWICK AND SMITH) is that the qb CANNOT make mistakes....and zwick has made them time and time again....without consequence (ie being removed). what is smith to believe?

troy, pack your bags asap.
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darius....you are missing my point....germaine showed in "practice, you mean practice,were talking about practice" that he deserved to play in the games....and when he played in the games he played well....then he shut his mouth and kept sticking to it and going about his business....

smith OBVIOUSLY hasnt proven in practice that he deserves more of a shot than he is getting.....lose your blinders man....smith has no reason to run his mouth.. none...

oh no....thats right you are one of those who knows better than coach tressel....give me a friggin break....
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The Most Power-Drunk
This doesn't change my opinion of Smith at all. The above link doesn't work, I would be interested in seeing these comments in context. Additionally, so what? Maybe it wasn't the brightest thing in the world to shoot off at the mouth, but the kid is a competitor, and wants his chance. He's not going anywhere. And he'll find the field.
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