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Toughest "One Two" Punch

What are the toughest back to back games this season?

  • North Carolina State / Northwestern

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  • Northwestern / Wisconsin

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  • Iowa / Indiana

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  • Indiana / Penn State

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  • Penn State / Michigan State

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with hat in hand
Toughest One Two Punch

Is the toughest one two punch against the Buckeyes versus any two teams we would likely lose two in a row to? After losing in Cincinnati because: A.) A lot of our team is untested B.) They return more starters than do the Bucks and C.) The best defensive coach in recent history, and possibly ever in the NCAA is now the Bearpaws head coach. Then, because we see how easy it is to lose, and are so down from the loss, that we turn around and lose to Marshall.

Or is the toughest one two punch come after playing our hearts out, being mauled mentally and emotionally in a close victory; then having to try to do it again the following week. I don’t see this happening this year (or any other), but maybe you do.

Or is the toughest, and I think most of you will back this scenario in one way or another: Playing against a very well prepared, somewhat well rested, extremely physical team that is motivated above & beyond the normal. Then trying to turn around and do it again the next week. This is pretty much what happened the last two weeks of the season last year. It was a one two punch that knocked us out of the title fight.

For those of you that like to think outside the box, let’s not include the Michigan/bowl opponent combo. I would consider that a given in most scenarios, but they are too far apart chronologically to be thought of as a “one two”.

So, is playing Marshall’s 43 returning starters right after playing Dantonio’s Bearcats tougher than, say, playing Iowa’s always well-rounded, well-coached team right after being shoved around by over three tons of Wisconsin’s o-line?
the one-two punch for the buckeyes is playing psu at home,@msu and @pu in the three weeks leading up to the game....
during the same time the scummers play..msu home, bye week, nw home.....

you figure the rest.....its like asking Lance Armstrong to bust ass and beat Eddie Meryx up the mountain....and then ask him to do it again versus Miguel Indurain....its not right.....
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Wisky and Iowa come early enough in the season to throw a kink in the plans for the remainder of the year. The scUM/Purdue games may end up having the most on the line if business has been taken care of, but that late in the season is do or die anyway. That early back to back of Wisky/Iowa could set the tone for the entire year
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Wow I 've been the only one to take Marshall/ NCSU. Marshall returns a strong team and NCSU is at home, with only losing Rivers basically. I think those will be two real tough games, especially with our QB situation.
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I don't see many breaks in this schedule, with the easiest back-to-back being Indiana-Penn State. Thats pretty bad, considering PSU is almost always tough on us. Of course the others will be difficult, but the Cincinnati game shouldn't be as close as some suggest. It's a mostly rebuilt offense, but a very talented one with alot of the new players having spent a coulpa years in the system and are ready for action. The defense will be great. Special teams will be tested but should step up. But . . . the first game of the year, against an in-state team that gave us fits before, with all the emotion of 105,000 fans and a team that wants/needs to prove itself, will be more than enough.

Can't wait. Go Bucks!
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well wisky, Iowa will be pretty tough, but @ Purdue, scUM flat takes the cake...

why TF can't we get cupcakes the two game leading to scUM??? seems like whoever we play before scUM is in an upswing, and whoever scUM plays is in a down period...
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I think you guys are severely under-rating Penn State. They've been down, but they've been young. They came a missed field goal from beating us there last year. I'm VERY glad we're playing them at home this year. I really don't like the way we finish the season, with PSU, MSU, Purdue, and then scUM. PSU and MSU always play us well (damn it), as has Purdue recently, although we have prevailed. And then there is the game. I voted for Purdue/scUM, but I don't like any of those last four games. Iowa and Whisky will be tough, but I don't see us overlooking Whisky after last year, and Iowa may fall apart after losing a lot. Maybe not. We'll see.
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Marshall returns a good team and they will tune in hard to see how we fare against the Bearcats. If Cincy gives us a hard time then they will a big edge when they come to C-Bus. On the other hand, if we are successful in taking it to Cincinnati, then it will change Marshall's tune real quick. If we can be real convincing against this one-two punch (which I picked) then Jim and his staff will have a nice game plan for NC State.
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