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tOSU vs. Northwestern, Wed 2/19 @ 7p ET, BTN

The energy is the best I've seen it since the second half at MSU. It's totally contagious too. Everyone.

Man we cant get a bunny on that end of the floor. 3 people missed the same distance there.
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Well fuck. Fight breaks out for a second and Ross did something really stupid.

Williams and their big man got tangled and chippy. Actually now that I see it their big man was basically drive blocking Amir. NOT Amir's fault at all. Ross came in from behind which was not good.
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Ugh...hate to see that on a night when the team is playing so well. Ross has to resist the urge to come in and shove a guy like that. Amir was fine, let the refs handle it. That'll probably get Q some discipline.
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Bit of Karma there. Buckeyes get two fewer free throw attempts and make one more. I'd like to know how they came up with those numbers actually.

Personal and flagrant on the NU guy. Personal on Amir, two personals on Ross for shoving two guys after the fact. I think the refs got it right.

It would've just been a double foul on Amir and the NU guy, then the flagrant for throwing a punch. There was no reason at all for Ross to come and start shoving guys. He escalated the situation. Thad chewed his ass off, and for good reason.
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