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tOSU @ Nebraska, Mon 1/20 @ 7p ET, BTN


Identity missing....
  • # 15 ranked team soon to be out of the top 20

    If they are ranked next week I'd be absolutely shocked. There's no way this team has shown they are worth even a 12 seed at this point. You can play defense until your legs fall off, but if you can't score in a half court offense, you are doomed to mediocrity. This team has zero scoring presence and only scores when the other teams break down on defense or in fast breaks.

    At this point, I kind of wonder if they'll win more than 2 more games this year (against Ped State, who is truly horrible at basketball).
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    THINK, Before You Speak
    Former College Pick'Em Champ
    The only thing in tonites game more shameful than the effort this team put forth was that the Nebraska faithful felt inclined to actually rush the floor after the game. Totally pathetic on both ends.
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