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tOSU @ Illinois, Sat 2/15 @ 8p ET, BTN

Got the win, but 48 fracking points?????

At least we played great D the second half holding them to like 15 points. That's pretty awesome and that's counting a banked in 3 pointer.

20 wins. Thad Matta's guys just keep doing it year after year.
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• Shooting issues aren't going away. I made a mistake during the postgame press conference and looked at Illinois' shooting percentage before I asked Matta if he was concerned his team shot only 28 percent from the floor. That was Illinois' percentage.

"We actually shot 38 percent," Matta said. "That's a big difference.:lol:"

Matta is right, and shame on me for making the mistake. But for a large portion of the game, it seemed as if Ohio State couldn't buy a jumper, and it was ugly enough for me not to even think twice when reading the stat wrong. Granted, the Buckeyes did shoot nearly 50 percent from the floor in the second half to close out the road win – something they deserve credit for – but watching this team shoot jumpers is painful sometimes. And that's not going away.
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This is a rough year for Illinois, but I blame it mostly on Bruce Weber. I don't think there was much Groce could do to avoid a down year this season. Next year Illinois should be back to being an NCAA tournament-level team, as they don't really lose much and have a handful of good additions. I know some people are getting down on Groce for this season but it's tough to replace guys as skilled as Brandon Paul and DJ Richardson with freshmen from your very first recruiting class.
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