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Subtle shift of focus to basketball, anyone?


Will Bryant
Staff member
I was half expecting some comments or even complaints when I took down the 2004 football schedule from the front page, dropped in the men's basketball schedule, changed the default masthead, and shifted the basketball forum up to the top spot.

Obviously these are all temporary moves. After the basketball season ends, everything will revert.

I guess I feel like I'd like to see a lot more fan activity as it relates to basketball, and this is my not-so-subtle effort to encourage a higher level of participation here.

My motivation may well be at least in part because I know of at least one member of the team is a registered member of this site, and I think about his perception of our football-first culture. I don't wish us to be any different, but I would like to see a general upswing in basketball interest.

OSU has a rich history in the sport, and anyone who has watched a game this season might well have reason to believe that we have the promise of a rich future. Whether you respect O'Brien or not, he revitalized a team all but left for dead during the Ayers era. Thad Matta has come in, and turned the teams attitude and perspective around in a very short time. Guys who hated basketball a year ago, because of the way things were going and being handled, seem to have a newfound enthusiam now. We have some very exciting younger talent in guys like Butler, Twig and Harris. Some players have really stepped up, like Foster and even Dials who is now the first Buckeye in 16(?) years to have three consecutive double-doubles.

It's a good time to get into it, it's a great time to buy some tickets if you're in the Columbus area, and go see a game. Just do us all a favor and be LOUD.

So we can't play in the tournament this season. That sucks, but it's not the end of the world. At least our guys can take Spring breaks this year. :wink: We're entering a particularly rough stretch of games right now, starting with Illinois AT Illinois. The rankings would have you believe that NO team in the country could win that game. I think it's safe to assume we won't defy that logic, but when a team is having this much fun, and every game has greater meaning because of a lack of post-season play, you never know what might happen. Okay, we're going to get killed, lol, but we can appreciate that nothing is absolute, right?

Get into the game, and let's get some more threads going on the subject. It seems a silly premise, but I think part of the rebirth of tOSU as a basketball power is going to have to be increased fan interest and participation.
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Clarity said:
...I know of at least one member of the team is a registered member of this site, and I think about his perception of our football-first culture...
Clarity always has these ways of getting our interest peaked like this. In the interest of the players privacy, however, I won't even ask. :)

I am completely on board with the change of focus. This team has officially peaked my interest after I started with low expectations. I realize they haven't exactly played against top 25 talent thus far, but I see significant improvement in almost every player's game. BFC and J.J. have their confidence back, Stock's decision making and defense have improved, Dials is an animal, Ivan is shooting well and all the new guys have really added some hope for next year.

This will create some small headaches when I try to view football threads and get basketball, or vice versa...but I think things will pick up now that football season is over. tOSU has always been football first, but the roundballers aren't far behind

I'm just hoping this "subtle" change doesn't create a scary precedent when baseball season rolls around. :biggrin:
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I switched over about two weeks ago when all the bad stuff was going on during football. These guys are really playing some fun basketball and I look forward to the rest of this season and the future under Matta.
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I don't mind the switch. Like exhawg, I've sleepwalked my way into this forum a few times, but it's no big deal. Basketball deserves top billing for a while, especially with they way they're playing. Admittedely, I haven't paid too much attention to this forum, since I'm focused more on UK basketball, but I look forward checking in here more and talking some Buckeye hoops.
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I'm a season ticket holder, and am more than happy to discuss basketball, but I'm sure you realize that there are probably 10x as many people interested in football recruiting than OSU basketball. That's not a dig at the basketball team, it's just an acknowledgement that the majority of Buckeye fans are focused on football. I still hang out on BN simply because their basketball board has more activity, but it would be great to get away from some of the posters over there.

With an 11-2 record it's still difficult to tell how good this team is, and even if we don't fare well in these first few Big10 games it will only tell us we aren't at the top of the league. After playing @LSU, Minn, and @IU, should have a good idea if our preseason record was just due to an easy schedule or not.

Clarity, could you give us a hint which player registered? Just whether he's a starter or backup would be great.
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He's a friend of Vince/vrbryant's, and I don't want to flirt with betraying any trust there. I will say that we can try and see if he's willing to come on some time and do a Q&A type deal.

Xevious said:
Clarity, could you give us a hint which player registered? Just whether he's a starter or backup would be great.
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I, for one, am hugely excited for what Thad Matta is going to do for our Basketball program. I don't pretend to know a lot about basketball anymore, as I can't stand the NBA and really only watch the Bucks (well, and the tourney), but from what I have seen of Matta - even the little bit I know of him from Xavier - this could be a fun fun team to watch,
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