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Sound Off !!! - Introduce Yourself

We all know this isn't a private or closed board, but invites certainly help. I gave the link to asdodge and newyorkbuck (thought I gave it to NYB a long time ago, but I wasn't sure), but I don't want to be obnoxious about ezInbox'ing lots of people myself over on BNuts about this board. And I'm certainly not going to use their forum to overtly pimp this. Partially because I think that's poor form, partially because I sort of like the idea of being somewhat surgical in who comes over, partially because I don't aim to make this "big".

So I'll just ask you all to invite over posters that you like to hear from, respect their opinions, etc. I find it important to tell people when I invite them that we're not defecting necessarily, nor have we turned on Bucknuts per se, we just like to have a sane and somewhat quiet place to chat about the issues.

I almost never read asdodge's post on BNuts because of tons of other crap, and that would have been a shame.

So anyway, if everyone invites a couple people, we can get more good convos going.

Welcome asd!
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Sound Off !!!

cltBuckeye62 made refernce to liking the Sound Off thread started by Brutus33 over on Bucknuts, so why not?

Chance for folks to share where they are from and anything else they want to contribute about who they are.

I'll go first. My first sports hero was Jerry Lucas, so I have bled scarlet since I was 10 years old (and now my hair is gray - perfect combo). I graduated from OSU in '71 - part of the same class as Kern, Tatum, and Co. Both of my kids are now OSU grads as well.

Semi-retired (remind me some time to tell you about when my penis turned orange) from the computer field and living in Grove City, Ohio.
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I'll go next.

I'm a part time blacksmith and a full time student.Even though I'm a student at Kent State (for logistical reasons) I've bled scarlet and gray since the 81 Liberty Bowl. My favorite all time Buckeye is Jesse Owens.

UPDATE: I've since graduated from college and reenlisted in the Army. Well sort of, I came back in aand went to OCS. I am now a 2LT branched Field Artillery.
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Wasn't born into the Buckeye fold. After getting out of the Marine Corps in 1993, I had no idea where I wanted to go to school. I hung out in Alexandria, VA where my mother and brothers were for a few months trying to figure it out, when a girl I knew in the area (who came from a full line of OSU grads) was getting ready to head up to OSU, and I figured that was as good a place as any. Good reason, eh? So I actually selected OSU over prospects at VaTech, Johns Hopkins and UVA. I liked the idea of heading up to a completely new area, and I knew football was a religion up there. I had grown up a fan of Princeton (long time family ties), and Navy (proximity, and my own interest in the Naval Academy through high school) -- and while I was aware of OSU, I had never seen a game.

It took all of about 5 minutes of the 1994 season to hook me, and all of about 30 seconds of exposure to a game day on campus to make me realize that ours was a football atmosphere like no other. Fell instantly in love with the history and pageantry, and became a permanent fan in very short order.

It's only become stronger with time. Not having the long-term background as a Buckeye so many of my peers do, I've had to soak up a lot of history and information to go along with the modern appreciation for the teams, and that's been nothing but fun. I can't quite stand up to the knowledge base of a BuckJim/NOB or Dubs, but gimme time and I won't be too far behind.

Frankly, it's hard for me to imagine that there was a time when I didn't follow OSU these days.

My wife is someone I knew from VA, after I had been up there for a year or so, she graduated from Longwood College in VA, and came up to Columbus with me -- ended up getting her master's degree from the school of journalism while we both were up there. She's as into it all as any of the rest of us, and still harbors a little "thing" for Matt Keller, who she met a few times during her time on campus.

Living in Jacksonville, Florida now. As most already know too well, I have undiagnosed health issues that mandate an extremely limited lifestyle. I'm stuck in bed for months on end, and when I'm not, I'm still more or less limited to the confines of my home. A tough pill for a guy who loves being active and outside. Had been living large during the dot com boom, a good trick for a non-tech guy who was microbio/biochem in college, then the health collapsed just before that industry did, and have been treading water since. These days we get by as well as possible with the odd contract job here and there, and some online work for Educational Testing Service up in Princeton, NJ. Until the health issues break, we're constantly looking for means of income to help buy time as we're otherwise just chewing through savings and assets. A recent death in the family allowed us to dodge a foreclosure on the house, which would have had us relocate back to CBus, where my younger bro (vrbryant on this board) is still at OSU. Maybe this is too much info, but 90% here already know it, and might as well bring the other 10 up to speed. No secrets, life happens. Both the good and the bad are all part of the fabric, and you have to embrace both.

I'm a relative youngster at 32, Jo(anna) is 31. We've got a pair of German-German Sheps who round out the fam. Sebastian, the older is pushing 11, and happy to be doing so after a major surgery this past year where he was nearly put down, and Chloe is 4.

Oh, and if you think it rubs you the wrong way every time the NYTimes goes after us, you should try it from where I'm sitting. A long-since passed relative was once a key figure for that paper, and I share his name (William Cullen Bryant). The attacks hit close to home, and they're always a reminder of how far that paper has slipped.

Favorite Buckeye? Given the timing of my intro to OSU football, it's hard not to say Eddie.

A lot of info -- but I figured I'd go all out for this one as the other Sound Off contribution was brief.
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Most people on here don't know me too much even by message board standards since I am not a post-a-holic but I am a True Buckeye fan from a few years back. I don't chime in on most topics simply because I don't fell the need to add a similar opinion to one that is already posted. However, when I do post I try to do it with some type of knowledge and make it worth the time for people to read.

As far as who I am, I am a married youngster with a family that I love dearly. I am 26 years old and have been married for over 5 years now to the most beauticul woman in the world. I have 2 daughters, ages 5 and 2, and my son will be born in March 04. I eek out a living doing drafting and estimating out a Dayton, Ohio and do well enough that my wife doesn't have to work.

I don't have any ties to the Ohio State University as I could not afford to attend college there but have and will always love the Buckeyes. I don't have a longstanding history with tOSU football as I really only started watching them in the early 90's but I can hang with anyone as far as current knowledge of the team.

Interesting note here, Gbears' father-in-law was my position coach in high school and is one of the reasons I love football as much as I do. He really challenged me to be the best defensive tackle I could be and helped me to understand the game. I wish I would have not be so stupid (don't we all) in high school cause it really cost me alot. I did not play football my Senior year because of the head coach from my junior year. I did not like him and I let that keep me from playing. As it turned out, he quit the head coaching job and eventually Mr. Rulli (Gbears' father-in-law) took over the head coaches job. Boring but kinda neat that I have a tie to a complete stranger that I know only as Gbear.
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Born and raised a Buckeye fan... (actually born on OSU's campus at OSU hospital)... Both my folks have undergrad and grad degrees from OSU (as does many other aunts/uncles), my brother is about to graduate from OSU, as is my wife (wife is grad degree though).

My folks came to Columbus for school and never left (Dad came here after visiting his then highschool sweatheart, watched a football game, and said this is the spot for him... basically choose his college because of one football game... guess that is as good a reason as any...).

From birth I was taught "Go Bucks... *ichigan Sucks"... I went to school down in Athens (OU), wanted to get out of Columbus for college, due to never living in any other city... I did not miss a single OSU home game while getting my degree from OU...

My folks have lived in Upper Arlington since they graduated rom OSU... so until college I have only lived in UA (hence gbear... the Upper Arlington Golden Bears)... spent some time in Utah and Chicago before comming back to Columbus... looks like this will be home until I retire (only in my mid/late twenties... so will prob. be here for a while)... have a realatively secure job, and in a sense am my own boss, so I don't plan on leaving, and in this field you really don't get fired (not paid a salary... don't perform, don't get paid... the folks that don't get paid tend to leave, no need to fire them)...

Enjoy checking the boards... nice way to get a lot of info on the Bucks in a short amount of time... enjoy skiing (snow and water), boating (sail and powered), watching sports (NCAA football and basketball, NHL, NFL... all other sports I don't really have any interest in), golf (not very good though). Getting into wines (trying to develope a palet)... My wife and I don't get to spend too much time together, so when we do, that is nice as well...

As many of you know I tend to be even keeled (when I'm not, time in the gym will take care of that), enjoy traveling (if you want to talk about vacations I'm in... haven't been to too many places outside the US, however like to listen and make notes of future places I'd like to go to... if you are a skier and are thinking about going to a ski resort, ask me, odds are I've been there and can tell you what you want to know... very much enjoy San Juan and the Virgin Islands (U.K. and U.S.), as well as Mexico)...

Guess I'm rambling now (tend to do that as well :roll2: )...
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Nice thread idea...

I've been a Buckeye fan ever since 1975 (third grade) when we lived in Columbus for a year. My dad was on sabbatical from Western Michigan Univ. doing research at Ohio State, and my mom was working on her PhD at OSU. I can remember looking through the big, black iron gates at the open end of the 'Shoe with my dad, trying to catch a glimpse of Archie and the Bucks.

I graduated from OSU in 1992. While there I lived in Park hall and then a house on south campus. We spent a lot of time (and a lot of brain cells) at Papa Joe's, Mr. Mustard's, The Out-R-Inn, and BW-3, among others. I have moved around quite a bit since then and am now in Delaware, married, with 2 goofy Golden Retrievers.

Some of the best times of my life were at Ohio State. I made a few friends who, I think, will be lifelong. In particular, one buddy and I always make a point to go to Buckeye games each year when we can, and we capped off our travels so far with a trip to last year's Fiesta Bowl (one of the happiest days ever...)

I am very proud to be a Buckeye, and really love The Ohio State University. Hearing TBDBITL play "Carmen, Ohio" brings a lump to my throat, and I'll never forget how my heart swelled with pride as Jim Tressel stood with the Championship trophy and said that we now have "the best damn team in the land."

Favorite Buckeyes? Woody, Archie, Eddie, Jack Nickalus (sp?)
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Born and raised in Youngstown. Been a Buckeye fan since 1968 when I was 11 years old. My very first football bet ever was for 50 cents on the 1968 Michigan game, which we won 50-14 (for those who weren't around then).

Retired from the Air Force two years ago after 26 years of service, 24 of those being overseas. My last duty station was Hickam Air Force Base (located directly next to Pearl Harbor), and bought a house up in a town called Mililani (thus MililaniBuckeye) up in the "mountains", where I still live.

Thank goodness for ESPN GamePlan. I've missed only two games over the last two years (the Wazzu game last year when KITV f**ked us over and switched to the USC-Colorado game literally at the last second before kickoff, and the Bowling Green game this year when I went to Tokyo for a week). I've gotten used to getting up for 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Hawaii time kickoffs. I can watch college football all day and still have the late afternoon and all evening open.
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