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Should the arcade be off-season only?


Will Bryant
Staff member
Been giving this some thought lately. We could open it the day after the bowl season, and close it the week before the first game. We could also (before closing it), take note of the top score in each game, create a top scores page, and wipe out all existing scores in order to start fresh the next season. It's not like people couldn't still play the games elsewhere, a site like v3arcade.com will always have more games and have an open arcade -- this just speaks to us here.

What do you all think? I'm not just going to act unilaterally on this, I'd like to hear from people who play in there.
Thats an interesting idea. I do play there a lot, and im not sure about closing the arcade down..I guess there will be more going on then so it might be a good idea. If you do close it down, it would be nice to 1 make a record somewhere of the high scores...i know i put in a lot of hours for some of them. Also maybe "retire" most of the games, maybe keeping some of the more popular ones, and getting some new ones in.

Just some thoughts
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DEBuckeye said:
I'll put in my two cents for keeping the arcade open. Great way to kill time when I'm bored at work....

You'd think I'd be getting better at some of these freakin' games, but no. I still suck...
I feel your pain DE......I absolutely suck at these things compared to many of the others I see playing them.
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Wow, I'm surprise there isn't some outraged indignation over the mere suggestion that the arcade be closed. I'm impressed. I wonder what the response would be if there were no discussion going on. If everyone just showed up one day and the arcade was closed. I bet Clarity's 10,000 PM limit would be filled by about noon. :biggrin:
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