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Should Archie be sweating?


Will Bryant
Staff member
With Jason White coming back, any of you concerned he might be the first viable threat to repeat as a Heisman winner?

I realize of course how unlikely it is, but hardly impossible in this case. 10 of their 11 offensive starters return, following a season that saw more than one all-time offensive record broken for their program.

People (the media) love that he's a comeback from injury case to boot.

White is for sure coming back??? I had heard it was a long shot. Hmmm, no way he can duplicate what he did this year, but it might not take that to win the Heisman. Hopefull someone else in the Big 12 will have a huge season and split some of those votes.
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I agree with Hubbard. He had an incredible year (stats wise) and I think it would be very hard to duplicate. I say stats wise because this is a year where I don't think the best "player" won, the player with the best "stats" won (ala Rashaan Salaam), which is fine IMO. Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a Heisman winner. With his history of injuries, can White even stay healthy for another full year? (Not that I'm hoping he gets hurt be any means) I would have to guess he would be the preseason favorite however. I haven't really put too much thought into it yet, so I'm not really sure who is coming back next year that would be a Heisman front runner. I guess TA McLendon would be a front runner in my mind if he can stay healthy. Chris Leak maybe. Sophomores don't win this award, but Fitzgerald came as close as any sophomore ever has. I'll throw in a mandatory homer pick here--> Santonio Holmes!! There's quite a few good recievers out there, but it's tough to win the Heisman as a reciever. What about Mark/Mike (?) Clayton from LSU. That guy plays reciever and safety. I would have him up there. (Clayton may be a senior or is leaving early, I don't know enough about him.) If it starts to look like White is going to win another, I will have to become a Husker/Texas/KSU/aTm/TT/Colorado/whoever fan. We can't have another two time winner!!
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I don't believe Archie cares one way or the other. How long has it been since the Heisman went to the best "player"'anyway?White may get the stats again, but only because he is in the B12,
which I have never believed is as good as the B10, SEC, or even
the ACC. :cheers:
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After teams saw how KSU totally shut them down, no one will fear Oklahoma any more. OU may be lucky to get by with only two losses next year, depsite their youth...they've been exposed.
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White will not win the heisman next year. He has displayed the ability to throw the deep ball, that is it. He is a very normal quarterback that is playing in a great scheme with great players (ala Ken Dorsey). Do not get me wrong, he knows how to make plays when needed, but he is not at the level of Manning or Roethsberger(sp?).

Sproles is my front runner for next year.
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If it was announced he was returning before the vote I would bet money he would not have won the trophy. I think there are enough folks out there who are biased in favor of Seniors - just as they are biased against Frosh - that it would have swung the tide.
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The four best players who COULD be playing CFB next year are:


The TWO best who WILL be playing are White and Sproles.

That being said, Clarett will win the Heisman!! :biggrin:
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