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S Jordan Fuller (All B1G, 3x Academic All-American, Super Bowl Champion, Los Angeles Rams)

MD Buckeye

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Former BPCFFB II Champ
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Old Tappan (NJ)
Ht: 6'2"
Wt: 190 lbs
Class: 2016 (High School)

Ryan Bartow ‏@RyanBartow
Mind of Mike
Speaking of Penn State, this is shaping up to be a huge weekend for the Nittany Lions. Heading into a night game against Ohio State, the Penn State coaching staff has lined up an impressive group of visitors, headlined by official visits from both Burrell and four-star defensive tackle Tim Settle, plus visits from other top 2015 targets Ricky DeBerry and possibly recently offered Clemson commit Juwuan Briscoe (mentioned earlier). More importantly, a number of top 2016 targets will be on hand, including Ahmir Mitchell, Jordan Fuller, Jauan Williams, Michal Menet, Naseir Upshur, Parker Boudreaux, Ron Johnson and Justin Layne. This is an enormous opportunity for Penn State, who will definitely have a raucous atmosphere on Saturday night. However, with the Nittany Lions floundering on the field in recent weeks and Ohio State embarrassing opponents during that same stretch, the risk is there that a dominant performance by the Buckeyes might push some recruits towards Columbus.
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Top of my wishlist as far as DBs go...

Yep. He's big-time on the field. Great intangibles too. Way underrated by the recruiting services and I think I'd take him if I could pick just one of the DBs we're in on.

Not sure when he's planning on deciding. Could get complicated with Tony Butler possibly looking to make a "decision" by the end of the summer. Seems like the staff really likes Butler but have him behind a couple big-timers like Fuller. Buckeye staff could have a tough choice there if Fuller looks like he is going to be a signing day decision.

(Not that those two are mutually exclusive, but there's probably only 3 DB spots left and one of them is probably for a true CB.)
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All about this kid. With Walker already on board, we could seriously clean up in NJ this year (still Mitchell and Gary we are very much in on). I remember when getting a legit NJ kid was pretty much a pipedream. Now we go Eli Apple, Noah Brown, Darius Slade, Kevin Feder, and Kareem Walker...we are starting to be a real presence there. Keep helping that pipedream turn into a pipeline Jordan.
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