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Realistically: What can we take from today's game?


Be water my friend.
I might be caught up in the moment of seeing this team perform the way that we expect them to every week, but I'm excited about the rest of the season.

This excitement is conditional on a couple of things:

1) Troy Smith has that gunslinger swagger. He made some beautiful throws today that, quite frankly I haven't seen this year. I love Justin as well, and I think he's a good quarterback, but the team seems to respond to Troy. They seem to rally around him.

2) Tony Pittman has that special vision that great backs have. He sees the holes and gets there running down hill. No stutter, just straight ahead. He breaks tackles and falls forward for that last yard.

You have to give these guys the start next week, right? There was something missing offensively the last three weeks (really five weeks when you get right down to it) and it showed up today. There was a spark.

Doesn't Coach Tressel owe those guys another start based upon their performance today?
normally i would caution everybody by saying "its just idiana", but lets be honest....the zwick-ross combo probably wouldve lost to "just indiana". they fucking lost to "just northwestern."

i am very excited for next year regardless of who our QB is because of antonio "dont call me michael" pittman.
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I didn't see the game (wasn't on here) but from what I've read so far, it sounds like the young guys who had their chance to shine really got fired up and made the most of it. I think that you have to start them next week to keep the momentum going. The team responded to something, and if it was the energy of the first-time starters and young guys getting their chance, then I say let them enjoy it, and let them stay together for the next one.
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As discussed on other threads, we must measure the progress and results of Pittman and Smith over the long term.

Pittman's performance was entincing, but we've seen that from another true freshman running back against IU before.

Personally, I liked the emotion that was obviously lacking against Iowa.

I want to see a nasty streak developed with this offense - every good running game needs it.
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Smith looked better than Zwick. Pittman looked better than Ross. And the O-line looked better than...well itself. This is the same Indiana defense we had 600 total yards and 35 points against last year. That being said...last year we won 11 games...and the performance today looked more like what we were doing vs. lesser opponents last year. Maybe the team is back on track. I like that there were no turnovers. You have to let Smith keep playing until things go wrong with it. Pittman is a good back. I'd like to have him get as many snaps when Ross gets back. Pittman obviously is faster and hits holes quicker than Ross. I'd say the key to Smith wasn't that he could throw any better ball than Zwick could...it's just that we only saw Zwick throw his best ball about 50% of the time...and we saw it from Smith about 90% of the time. He was much more consistant, throwing lasers on every pass...not just some.
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I've been saying all day to my friends and family "it's just Indiana". But as was mentioned we lost to "just Northwester" and Indiana almost won against NW. So........
You have to start Smith next week against a better defensive PSU team. I personally hope that Ross is the secondary back that Hall played today the rest of the way. As long as Pittman continues to run like he did or close to it. Pittman does have great vision. However he needs to bulk up a smidge.

Lets see how next week goes. I would hope that Tressel leave Smith as the starter for next week. If he performs again, I would say he should have the job until he looses it.

This same kind of thing happened 3 years ago. Everyone thought McMullen was much better than Krenzel but Krenzel was a much better leader and just knew how to win.

We could be looking at another situation like that. Maybe.....
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The thing that I take away from beating "just Indiana" is that this is how a good team beats an inferior team. OSU has spent this season making average teams and players (Iowa and their QB) look like world beaters.
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nate said:
However he needs to bulk up a smidge.

I was thinking about how nice next season should be after a year of strength training. Personally, I think we're pursuing too many backs during this recruiting season. Didn't Haw standout and earn that redshirt because he was the better long term back?
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I'll take out that Anthony Shlagel (sp) is getting better and better every game. He did very well.

I'll take out that who ever they put on the D line in the last series GOT A PUSH! They need to play more because our D line is average at best right now.

I'll take out that Pittman is better but I am not sure he is going to lead us to the promise land. Maybe, maybe not.

I'll take out that Troy stayed in the pocket, followed JT's rules and deserves to start until he does otherwise.

I'll take out that Touchdown Teddy will be awsome some day.

I'll still remember that hit by Salley. He stepped up today.
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This Indiana is better than last years Indiana team. I know that isn't saying much but they are. I look at this game as the first game of the "new" season. They say you improve most between your first and second game...well I hope so.
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I'm down with a lot of the comments here. This is my list, starting with defense:

1) Linebackers. Solid, solid effort. Bobby C. and Boar Hunter had one of their best games.

2) Mike Kudla. Showed a lot, great pursuit. I kept seeing 57 around the ball all day.

3) Nate Salley. Ouch. Someone wanted redemption for last week. :wink:

On offense:

1) No turnovers. Credit Smith, Pittman, Indiana or blind luck, but the guys with the football hung on to it.

2) Antonio Pittman. That's what a running back looks like. Some people aren't sold, but all the kid needs is some more strength.

3) Teddy Ginn. Man, will this kid ever see time on defense? His TD catch and run was freakish. How did Smith not find him the rest of the game?
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