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It appears that Tressel indicated that OSU is going to take 2 QB's this year. That seems like a little overkill to me, as next year is going to be a great QB year in the state of Ohio. I know we lost Bauserman and didn't take a QB this year, but what does everyone think about this idea.

It does appear as though Sanchez and Schoenhoft are guys you don't want to turn down, but if we get a commitment from one of those guys, presumably it might scare off the other. Do we go with what might be considered a lower-tier QB? I wouldn't think so, if we can get at least one of those guys.

Next year, Hartline, Schlister, and a few others appear to be top-notch recruits and we have to at least lead for the services of two of them.

Next Year we'll have:
Junior - Zwick
Junior - Smith
Freshman - Boeckman
RS Freshman - Schoenhoft/Sanchez
Recruit - Hartline/Schlister
Welcome to the board DC.

This precise topic was discussed a week or so ago with the same argument. I believe the consensus - which I share - was that you take quality players when you can get them and let next year take care of itself. I don't believe JT will take just anybody so he can say he has two QBs - nor will he have to.
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I really dont see the problem with getting 2 guys this year...especially if they are Sanchez and Schoenhoft. Injuries and transfers are always a possibility...Smith may be moved to WR or RB. Both qbs next year might choose other teams... If you can get 2 top notch guys this year then thats fine with me.
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Smith could go to WR, Boeckman could go to TE, you have two top 5 QB's in one year interested in you, you simply can't pass up this kind of opportunity. Lots of flexibility with the QB's. I love Tressel's recruiting style.
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Smith could go to WR, Boeckman could go to TE

That wouldn't really solve the problem IMO. Zwick, Smith and Boeckman are all we have right now. I don't see anybody playing for JT without at least one year in the system. That makes Smith a senior before next years recruits are ready to go, which could happen - but not I would imagine - to a very happy Troy Smith (which of course is neither here nor there). But do you really move a QB with four years in the system to make room for RS Frosh?

Moving Boeckman to TE on the other hand involves a process of weight gain and conditiong that would take some time.

What would make things interesting (and there have been some signs this could be happening) is if Boeckman passes Smith this year. If that doesn't happen I think Smith stays where he is. JMHO.

(BTW - anybody else notice how Troy Smith has quietly dropped out of almost all mention as a serious contender for the starting job?)
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Your misunderstanding what we are saying. We are saying that if Smith and Boekman don't start at QB they will play other positions rather than rotting on the bench. If Zwick is the starter for the next three years what do we do with everyone else.

If we get Sanchez and Schoenhoft they will be RS Sophomores before they will get a chance to start. So that means they will be sitting for two years. Thats not that bad because if they get the starting nod they will get three years to play.

We are just saying that Smith is way too talented to sit and Boeckman can play TE. People are trying to infer that we will have too many QB's if we get 2 this year and next. Thats not really accurate.
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I think I understand what you are saying, I guess what I didn't say clearly is that you can't have just one QB ready to go. If you move Boeckman to TE it requires you put him into a conditioning program that pretty much precludes the option of using his as QB should somebody go down. We have been very fortunate in terms of QB injuries for several years (knock on wood) but even then McMullen was forced into action here and there. If Troy Smith trots onto the field I don't want to see a kid who was splitting his reps at WR during game prep.
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brutus2002: You always need to have a ready backup QB (look at McMullen in the Penn State and Michigan games last year). Actually, you need three. Hell, what would've happened if McMullen also got hurt in either of those games? We would've gone to Zwick...he wouldn't have done much good had he been practicing at another position up until that time because he was 3rd-string. Say we do get both Sanchez and Schoenhoft...they would be a part of a QB trio along with Boeckman after Zwick and Smith are gone. There's the three-deep QB pool you need.

Bottom line is we can't afford to let our 2nd and 3rd string QBs play other positions, and that's assuming Zwick does indeed end up as the starter.
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I know Milli I was just bringing up the point those guys might get moved because I wasn't getting where Ou8ch was coming from. I wasn't dogging you Ou8ch I was just trying to clarify my position. I understand we need back-ups but we cannot let guys waste away either.
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I see where you are coming from Oh8ch, the timing probably isn't right. However, if the bodies start to stack up, there are options. That was my only point. I agree that you need to rep out at QB to be successful. Five years of it seemed to make McMullen a pretty decent backup. Also Oh8ch, I guess I really hadn't noticed that Troy Smith is being mentioned less and less as a serious option. I think it is natural for us to see Zwick as the starter with all the hype that surrounded him. He is also the perfect Tressel QB in my opinion, in his approach to the game. Seems like a natural fit. But where has the controversy gone?
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