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Pick'em Automation is online


Will Bryant
Staff member
Automation is up, but as this is the first week it's in place, I'd like everyone to make their picks BOTH in gbear's week3 pick'em thread, and in the game engine. Make sure your picks are exactly the same in both places.


Please note that the link above is to the college spread game. There is also college straight, pro spread, and pro straight. Play in any or all.
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stop making this site so bad ass cool....my head will soon explode


edit: spoke too soon....

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osugrad21 said:
Ok I posted my picks and clicked submit but it brings me right back to the same page...am I in?

You should be able to load up that page and see your picks. Meaning the radio buttons you clicked are checked off, and in the case of a straight game, your confidence points are in place.

I would have liked to have written up a better intro and explanation, but time is at a premium.

This is a new and very custom piece of software, entirely unique to BP. As this is the first week we're running with it, I'd still like people to 'back up' their college/spread picks in gbear's thread.

But please do jump in there and make your picks for all (or some) phases of the game.
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osugrad21 said:
Didn't happen...I can still change picks and no confidence points

Right, well you can change your picks until 30 minutes before the individual games start.

Once you hit submit, your picks are stored.

I'm confused that your confidence points aren't showing up, as mine are. If you made your college/straight and/or pro/straight picks, and ranked your picks from high to low confidence, then when you go back to that page, the values should be showing up.

I've done it with my account, and a secondary (non-admin) account, and that's how it's working for me.
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osugrad21 said:
I got it now...:roll2:

C you know I am a dumbass on occasion

Shut up BN27...I know what you are about to say:biggrin:

Lol, no problem. I definitely should have taken the time to write up a nice explanation, but I'm getting this working late in the game for this week, and wanted to get it up and going.

Fixed my link in the top post.

Known bugs;
Fractions not showing up (-2.5 shows up as -2)
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I'm having the same problem with it returning me back to the "Game Picks (Spread): 09/11/2004 - 09/11/2004" page. It remembers which radio buttons I clicked, but other than that it ain't doin' squatski...
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MililaniBuckeye said:
I'm having the same problem with it returning me back to the "Game Picks (Spread): 09/11/2004 - 09/11/2004" page. It remembers which radio buttons I clicked, but other than that it ain't doin' squatski...

That's where it's meant to return you. If it remembers the radio buttons you clicked, then that's your confirmation. The whole point is that you can change your picks up until 30 minutes before each game. So if Monday afternoon you decide you want to pick Green Bay to win MNF, you can even though the rest of the games have already been played.

There's no confirmation screen. Everyone just makes their picks, hit submit, and the populated radio buttons will be there to show your picks any time you return to that part of the module in the given game week.
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