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Outside the Lines Preview on SportsCenter


Capo Regime
Staff member
Ok so now Geiger is implicated as well...this is a trip. The guy who fired Obie immediately for violations knew all along huh? Mo is digging his own grave
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jesus christ, they even present their stories as if its a 4 part series.

coming up next on as the bullshit turns, we will reveal just a little bit more of what we claim we have....just to keep you tuned for the next episode.
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scarletngray said:
It's clear that ESPN has an agenda to smear OSU, Coach Tressel and Andy Gieger because ALL they do is talk about accusations but provide NO proof.
What isn't clear is WHY?
Whats even funnier is all of thier sources not only seem to be backing off, but also have said that ESPN has mainly just twisted thier words and misled them to be able to get a story of any kind out of this. ESPN is absolutely pathetic, to the point that every time they supposedly have something new on MOC and OSU, not only is it the same rehashed shit, but alot of it is the same thing over and over, that they just change to word differently.
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osugrad21 said:
Holy shit...Trev said it is 100% bullshit...of course fatfuck May said some of it is true
trev's been a lot better this year. i know tibor will say im just saying that because of what he just said, but its serious. its like he knows he is branded the token asshole who disagrees with the mainstream just to be that guy that everybody hates *cough*jim rome*cough*. they have mark may for that. they dont need 2 of those guys.

now is he just doing this to be the opposite of mark may? who knows, i dont watch either of them enough anymore to say. but what i have seen is trev not being such a dipshit as last year.
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osugrad21 said:
Holy shit...Trev said it is 100% bullshit...of course fatfuck May said some of it is true

Yep, I'm just now watching it and Alberts is 100% behind Tressel. However, token boy is convinced some of it is true...his argument was "Clarett named names". Fuck May.
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I love how they (Sportscenter) presented Robert Smith opinions. Here's what Rome thinks after interviewing Robert Smith. How do these two interpretations seem so far apart? They obviously haven't filled Rome in on what the talking points are for this week.

The biggest story of the week is Maurice Clarett coming out and saying that he received money and other special privileges from Ohio State University while he was playing football there. I thought the best guy to run down about that topic was former Ohio State running back and NFL Pro-Bowler Robert Smith. Robert joined me on Wednesday to talk about the situation in Columbus.

Robert doesn't seem willing to buy Clarett's story. He pointed out that, if any of the allegations were true, the NCAA investigation that took place last year would have found something. He said that it is very possible that Clarett just made up the story to get back at Head Coach Jim Tressel.

Robert also told me that he wished he got what Clarett alleges while he was at Ohio State. He didn't know of or see anyone accepting money or gifts while he was there. Robert Smith then jokingly told me that Ohio St. might have thought he (Smith) would tell on them, so maybe it was going on without his knowing.

So put Robert Smith down as one of the guys that doesn't believe Clarett's assertions. It would really be something if Clarett woke up one day and came up with a plan to lie and smear one of the biggest football programs in the country.

Jim Rome's take on Robert Smith's interview
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