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  • Actually "bro" Im not a bartender. This name is about 10 years old, and I see no reason to change it. In fact, I have a VERY good job so keep bringing it "tough guy". I dinged you because you throw around your opinion like it is fact, without regard to any actual facts. Now if you prefaced your comments with "just my humble opinion" or something to that matter, then it wouldnt really be ding worthy. So there ya go tough guy, keep commenting and trying to be smart with your lame attempts at internet bullying.
    31 and a bartender. Keep dingin me to ease the pain of your life bro.

    3 DBs drafted in the top 10 have been worth a crap. Have fun watching Haden turn into Carlos Rodgers before your very eyes.
    Hmmm it didnt have anything to do with just Springs, you are making a fool out of yourself. Your arguement is that drafting a CB is "draft suicide" but with the success rate that you list, you can make that arguement about EVERY single position. You arent backing your opinion up with anything but gibberish and I am not the only one giving you negative rep, so enjoy.
    thanks for the neg, you are a tough man. I didnt do anything wrong to you, but since you felt the need to neg someone for saying something about Shawn Springs you didnt like, well.......that should tell you that you are a homer and you should get a life.
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