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Online play is awesome!


hipster doofus
This clown started talking smack to me, and I shut him up by the end of the first quarter. He didn't say a peep until the end of the game, when it was 55-0, and the best he could do was, "Don't you think it's cheating to choose your formation based on what I choose?":boohoo: It's football, bitch! That's what you're supposed to do. When some jackass is bringing out his goalline defense on 1st and 10 at the 40, you're supposed to go into 5-wide! And if sombody brings 9 guys on a blitz to stop Joe or Ross, they better expect that if they try that same crap on the next play, I'm gonna throw it over the top for a score!:smash:

I think I just made someone really, really hate Ohio State. This game rocks!
I got on and tried it this morning. Played two games. One where I was Utah against Cal (couldn't see taking OSU against Cal, so just grabbed someone nearly at random -- that was a mistake). That ended 14-7, my loss. The next one I played actually ended up as my #1 greatest game with a score of 1216. Iowa vs. OSU, went into OT at 7-7. On 3rd and 1 on his 4 yard line, Rob Sims gets hit with a false start. Don't convert after the penalty, so kick a FG, it's now 10-7. Sack him right off when he goes on offense, incomplete on the next pass. On 3rd and 17 he just gets a great pass off and slips into the endzone. It was my mistake, I went for the INT instead of just slapping it down, and over adjusted. That's what happens when you go for stats over wins. Lol. 10-13, I'm now 0-2. Good start!

I've been lucky though, both games were against guys with a clue. The Hawkeye and I spent the whole game talking Big Ten and our mutual disdain for any team from Michigan. Have to say, despite the loss it was a good time. Particularly since we only hit OT when he snagged his first TD with 18 seconds left in the 4th quarter on a 4th down pass. Other than that it was a big defensive battle.

Now I just need to @#$*% win one. Maybe I should have played a full game on single player before going online. It's very different from 2004 in the feel and flow.
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I was trying to hold off until August to get this, but you guys got me too pumped and I ordered one, overnight, with the Max Drive (for rosters). Should be here by 1:00 pm today. . .

btw, if you see this Clarity, my PS2 user name is OSUDedalus (like kinch, get it? :) )
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I can't believe you got that. I never would have remembered one random line from Joyce if I hadn't chosen Kinch as my name way back when. You are a mental-freak. :)

I was just feeling like Dedalus one day and chose it as my username for IRC, then stuck with it ever since. (This was way back, before the whole WWW thingy and such. . .)
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I could have just as easily Googled, but in this case I had my suspicion before, and 'Dedalus' only confirmed it. A couple years ago I made a point to sit down and slog through books like Ulysses, Atlas Shrugged, Exodus, etc. For whatever reason, I had sort of put all of them off in favor of more enjoyable reads. Which isn't to say I didn't get something out of each of the above, but Rand and Uris in particular seem to make you want to work for it.
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That was awesome! I just played my first online game! I was OSU vs LSU (at LSU). The guy was pretty cool and played realistically. He went up on me right off the bat 14-0 on two straight series. I thought I was out of my league, my players were dropping every pass (I completed my first pass in the 3rd quarter). In the 3rd I switched to Troy Smith and things started clicking. I scored on a 4th down play from the 37 yard line a deep route to Holmes. We went back and forth for awhile and then I scored with 21 seconds left in the 4th quarter to tie it up on a short Brandon Joe run. In OT he won the toss and let me go first. I was forced to kick a FG (almost went for it, I was certain he was going to score a TD). He completed a 5 yard pass, then sacked him. On 3rd and 12, Fox Intercepted the pass and ran it almost all the way to the other endzone. Game.

Playing my first game online, away at LSU vs a pretty good player was an incredible experience! I'm hooked! (pardon my poor grammar, i was short on time)
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