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OL Matthew Jones (Official Thread)


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Erasmus Hall (Brooklyn, NY)
Ht: 6'4''
Wt: 290 lbs
Class: 2018 (High School)


Matthew is being looked at by tOSU on the offensive side of the ball, although he's being looked at on the defensive side by other schools. Looks up to former Erasmus Hall alumns Curtis Samuel & Jahsen Wint, whom he shares a close relationship with the latter. Plans on making it to Columbus in the summer.
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Coach Warriner will be stopping by Erasmus Hall tomorrow to see Mr. Jones.
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Coach Warriner visited Matthew yesterday.
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Visited by Coach Stud today. Plans on visiting tOSU for Friday Night Lights in July & maybe for camp in June.
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Buckeyes in Brooklyn to see Matthew Jones
On Monday, Ed Warinner – Ohio State’s offensive coordinator – visited Brooklyn’s Erasmus Hall and saw, among others, 2018 two-way lineman Matthew Jones, the country’s 49th-ranked 2018 prospect. Jones, a 6-foot-4, 305-pound former teammate of Ohio State’s Curtis Samuel, has been high on the Buckeyes for some time and continues to be one of their top targets in next year’s class.
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Too early to project which side of the ball?
After reading the posts in the Marvin Wilson thread since signing day, you take him as a DT. I think for a couple of reasons. As discussed in the Wilson thread, athletic, big body DT's are rare and hard to find, especially outside of the south. This kid is big, strong, quick, and physical. Also, I would say that our need at DT is greater than our need at OL. Some may disagree, but we've added 8 Offensive linemen in the last two classes and will end up with the top OL in the '18 class. I'd take him as a DT along with Vincent and Hawkins. That's a really strong class of DT's.
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Arguably, OT and 1-tech DT is our biggest weakness going forward in recruiting from the 2017 recruiting class, and Matthew fits both in a BIG way. He also happens to be from the same school that produced Curtis Samuel, so there should be a great comfort level between both parties. IMHO, you take Matthew no matter what and figure out the position later.

I'd naturally think DT based on difficulty of recruiting and being in desperate need of a 1-tech since Jonathan Hankins left, but if we land Vincent, it potentially gives us some flexibility with Matthew depending on need and where we can get him on the field the fastest
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Lol. The play at 1:42 in his sophomore film is great. He wins the race off the snap, corrals the ball carrier with just the strength of his left hand, turns his hips well and keeps his legs moving to keep control of the tackle, and then lastly, the opposing TE runs into and bounces off of Jones like he's a tree. Everyone is talking about Vincent like he's going to be the next NT, but I see 3-tech skills with Vincent and 1-tech skills with Jones. Buckeye football fans should be rooting for us to reel this kid in as soon as possible.
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