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OL Bryant Browning (Official Thread)




Bryant Browning
Height: 6' 4" (Nike)
Weight: 339 lbs (Nike)
40-yard dash: 5.4 seconds
Bench max: 305 lbs
Squat max: 450 lbs
Vertical leap: 22 inches (Nike)
SPARQ: 48.58 (Nike)
GPA: 4.2

Considering: Ohio State, Iowa, Michigan, Notre Dame, Penn State

Lineman from one of the most talent-rich schools in the country. Has great size for a young kid.

According to Rivals, Bryant is the #15 prospect in the state of Ohio.
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When are people gonna start talking about this guy? He's huge and on the other side of boone this ohio state o-line could really be shaping up to pave the way for a NC in the next few years.

Just one question though, from that picture it looks like he's REALLY big... is this guy slow too?
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How could he be on the backburner already...
How could he not? We've already offered 3 other in-state OLs!!! I'm no offense to Mr. Browning, but the coaching staff is displaying already that they are focused on Brown, Boren, and Smith and are willing to wait for them. Now if we were to get all 3 of them then it leaves 1 spot for another OL (if we take 4, which I think we will) it would be up to him and a bunch of other talented in-staters as well, ie. Burris, Tilley, Jackson, and Palmer as well as an OOSer's.

Anyways to me Browning is on the BB simply because we haven't gone out urgently to offer him this quickly like we have with 3 other in-state OLs.
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Well, fwiw, he has an early offer from Iowa. In my opinion, that's worth a lot. I don't think Tressel would let a surging team like Iowa come in and steal one from the pipeline. This kid has good size and speed, we'll find a place for him.

Edit: I think we may see him as a D-Tackle too. So there is room to play around with numbers.
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Keep in mind that Lenix had an offer from Iowa as well. Tressel can make up ground there faster than anywhere else. It's not necessarily the case that this kid isn't worth the effort right now, but maybe that the effort is more wisely spent at this point in time on kids that aren't from Glenville. It's not as if there isn't a de facto staff member already in his ear.:wink2:
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lowa offerred. Thats a sign of a great recruiter for that college.

Thats why scum does so well all over the country in recruiting great kids.

There trying to keep ohio open for any good playersin the future that lowa has a shot at.

Thats why the bucks are trying to open up all over the USA like cooper did. They did some already ny,la,cal,nj,scum,indy,fl and ga (missed a few) but, there do more to make it like buckeye fever all over

cooper was a great recruiter outside ohio SAD IN OHIO
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Scout $


By Scout.com...Coach Ginn thinks Bryant may be one of the top 5 OLs in the nation, let alone the state. Bryant has an offer from Iowa. He has a 4.1 GPA and has Ohio State, Iowa, Notre Dame, Penn State and Michigan as his early top 5.
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sadly, I don't know if he does get an offer. if we end up taking 5 OL in this class, he might have a shot, but I think Palmer, Tilley, and Ballard all have a chance at an offer as well.
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