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Mar 11, 2022
May 22, 2004
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WaitingforKickoff was last seen:
Mar 11, 2022
    1. Gatorubet
      Glad to be back. Many thanks for the kind post.
    2. Deety
      Huh. Okay, I undid the checkbox. I think that means it is broken after all. If it disappears when I fix it (not tonight), you'll have to opt in.
    3. Deety
      You could see H&H before? It wasn't on your opt-in forum list, so you should not have been seeing that forum. I just added it before posting this. I wonder if the opt-in is broken?
    4. Deety
    5. Deety
      Whut whut whut? I'm going to revoke your PCP membership.

      Hey, why aren't you a member of Horseshoes & Handgrenades? Want me to set you up?
    6. Deety

      You seem to be having a dilemma.

      Would you like to:

      Drink to RWSF?
      Cuss in the football forum?
      Eat jelly beans?
    7. BUCKYLE
      I steal my posts off LoKy's facebook page. :p
    8. BUCKYLE
      The no cussing only applies in the recruiting forums. I know many things. Don't don't wanna know.
    9. jimotis4heisman
      not my point. my point was central planning halts any/all progress towards economic freedom. and on the flip side econ freedom will drive general freedom (and typically freedom).

      no idea if im even making sense anymore...
    10. jimotis4heisman
      including our own country.

      but "stability" relies on economic success... not some centrally planned economy.
    11. Gatorubet
      Actually, I think of Israel hitting the Iranians is something of a given...just not sure when it is going to happen. But I see the Russian deal as a sort of test to see how much they can mess with us during this administration, and I think that North Korea will be looking at how we respond to see how much they can get away with.

      Maybe that is too much stinkin thinkin', but that seemed to me to be a sort of litmus test as to how much shit we are prepared to take - and there is nothing wrong with more diplomacy and consensus building as long as you are willing to break out the big stick when that fails. I felt that our foreign policy was too reliant on one straetgy to the detriment of the other the last 8 years. Now we may go the other way, dammit!

      I want a pragmatist to be the POTUS, not a hawk or a dove.
    12. Gatorubet
      Hope you're right. But if we need to go get Chavez's oil, I don't want russian bases all over the place.
    13. Deety
    14. Gatorubet

    15. DaytonBuck
      I'm escaping and swimming to freedom
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