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OH CB/ATH Kyle McCarthy (Notre Dame signee)



The Hardware: From left, Cardinal Mooney football players Kyle McCarthy, Jon Italiano, Mike Philibin and Mike Rich hoist the Division IV state championship trophy for the press and the fans at Fawcett Stadium in Canton. Mooney beat Versailles 28-6 Friday.



Athlete / Safety
Youngstown (OH)
Cardinal Mooney Division IV State Champs

Height: 6-foot-0
Weight: 172 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.47 seconds
Bench max: 270 pounds
Bench reps: 10
Squat max: 455 pounds
Vertical leap: 34 inches
Shuttle time: 4.09 seconds
GPA: 3.75
ACT: 25
Honors: 2nd Team all-Ohio QB on the Division IV state champs

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tOSU and JT have been in recent contact. JT called the other night and told Kyle that he was excited about his highlight tape.
I do not buy your premise that a good athlete from a small school rarely contributes. Many colleges because of their geographic location and recruiting areas are largely made of kids from small schools. In fact, in my opinion, many kids from large schools get an advantage in the recruiting process because they come from areas where the local media "pumps their tires". Many more of these kids are busts than the small school athletes who get recruited. In fact, many colleges due to their geographic location and recruiting area are largely made up of kids from smaller high schools.
Good athletes rise to the top no matter where they play. Getting recognized and getting the "pub" is much harder for the kid not in a large media outlet.
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Pettrey's delayed enrollment could have opened this additional spot...

Solid pickup IMO. The kid is an athlete but also has those instincts that cannot be coached. I watched the Ferry game when I was home for Thanksgiving and came away impressed.

Mooney had another player who was impressive also...played TB and CB but he may have been a junior
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I would like to remind people that athletic ability isn't everything when it comes to football. This kid is very intelligent and has a great attitude. He is a team player and displays awesome leadership qualities. Rivals and the Insiders might give him 2* but if JT gives him a schollie he is worth it.

Alot of the so called "must get" players bust because of their egos. It's refreshing to see a kid from a smaller school that has his head screwed on right get a schoolie. IMO this kid will be an outstanding player at OSU because he has abilities that cannot be measure with weights, stop watches, vt leap tests.
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