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Official Server Upgrade discussion

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Administrator Emeritus
Our online record was set last year, almost to the day:

494 (01-31-2005 02:43 PM)

With NLOID going SO smoothly for the Bucks, we may not break that record today.

EDIT: oops, thanks Jlow.

I can't get daily records yet ... 12 midnight for that. But, we've ranged from 700 to 1000+ unique visitors everyday in January 06. The server seems to chew threw that easily.
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Will Bryant
Staff member
This is a great thread. Just had to go digging back through it to figure out what RAM to buy in order to replace the two sticks that went bad last year causing all those crashes and database corruption.

Dryden, BMax, Cleve, Jwins and others really did an outstanding job talking through this process, and the end result is a machine that has served us very well the last few years.

I believe it will continue to serve us well for a very long time. As much as I keep hearing that we'd be better off on two machines, the reality is that this one can be better configured to handle our load, and I hope we're going to be able to do that (again) in the near future.

After we're back to 4gb ram, I'm having Gentoo (our Linux OS) upgraded, as well as PHP, MySQL, and Apache. We're switching (by Jelsoft's advice) from EAccelerator to XCache for the sake of PHP optimization, and then will be upgrading from vB 3.6.8 to 3.7.1 PL1 (or whatever's most current at the time of the change), which comes with new features and new optimizations. We'll upgrade vbSEO at the same time, which has been getting faster and better with each release recently, and I'm going to take that time to strip out a number of old mods that we don't use anymore, but have simply been disabled in the system. I'm plugging in a new and light-weight points (vCash) system that should be a lot better, cleaning out the remains of the ill-fated market, and in general just trying to give us a high speed, low drag, server/tech profile.

Then we'll be adding Jelsoft's Blog addition which, with the changes they have in the pipeline, may well add a new layer of contribution for those who have serialized types of offerings. I'll upgrade MediaWiki, because I still have faith that can be a great project for us some day, even if it is all but dead at the moment, and upgrade the tracker code at the same time.

No ETA for all of this yet. Maybe next week, maybe shortly thereafter, but everything's more or less in place for everything to begin, now it's just a matter of the RAM arriving, and our guy in AZ having the time to tackle the local end of the work.

Anyway, just wanted to bump this thread since I found myself digging through it.
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Head Coach
Clarity;1183735; said:
Anyway, just wanted to bump this thread since I found myself digging through it.

Uh-oh. Watch out for grad's wrath!


osugrad21;141363; said:
Since when did this place become JJHuddle? Bump? TTT? WTF??

There is a search function that works extremely well...posters need to use it. This ridiculous TTT/Bump BS is getting annoying. It makes everyone click on the thread thinking there is something new...but instead we get to see that little plea for info.

Stop the Madness!!!

Rant over...venting complete.

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