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Official: Leinart coming back (merged)


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Leinart coming back - Confirmed

Wow - live TV - he just hugged Petey.

props to stripes, who said this yesterday.

I think it's fair to say that Matt Leinart is Petey's #1 recruit this year.

Pete also said Malone's coming back - so another thread was wrong about that.
Leinart has got to be crazy. Right now his stock is as high as it will ever get, he cant do any better then what he is right now being the Heisman trophy winner and the NC QB. He would have went #1 to San Francisco too, oh well I guess he is must have listened to old Petey who told the press that he didnt think any of his players should leave early according to his NFL "people".
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sorry, thomps.

My thread barely beat you. But I'll bet you were posting on wearesc first. :wink2:

Well, this is a real threat to Archie remaining the only dual winner. USC struggled early in the year, because they had lost Mike Williams, Steve Smith was hurt, and the OL had some new faces.

Next year, the OL is back, the receivers are back, and Lendale White and Reggie Bush are still there. And Byrd's back at TE.

Leinart's numbers should be better next year. If USC goes undefeated in the regular season, somebody's going to have to have an incredible year to win the Heisman over him.
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This is VERY interesting. I would love to see Chow get a shot with the Ravens or Jaguars and then watch how USC plays next year. It appears they have the talent but I want to know just how important Chow is to the Offense.
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Keep in mind there is NO ONE in the pac10 next year. Cal looks like they'll be hobbling, and I don't see AzState taking down a returning offensive juggernaut like USC. Also, next year is one of the few where they don't play anyone OOC.

So they'll look just fine.

Plus keep in mind that the Pac10 isn't exactly known for its defense.

I agree that it will make a difference, but I doubt it'll matter before the end of the season giving the OC (if there is a new one) all season to grow into his role.
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methomps said:
Well I was happy he is staying, but since my thread about it gets screwed I am :mad2:
Try and console yourself thinking of ways the 2005 team will break your 2003 team's season scoring record of 534 points. :yow1:
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Ok, wait a second, before we go handing USC another championship and Lienert another Heisman, lets look back on our own favorite program for just a moment. 1968, super sophs.... How many championships did they win as Juniors and Seniors? Zero, unless you count the FWAW thingy in 1970.

Matt Lienert is, no doubt, the King of LA right now. He's getting a free education. Why leave that for some money that'll be there next year anyway? I am glad more big name players come back for their senior seasons.
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BuckeyeBlitz04 said:
1. Money -Lot's of it. Turned down millions to play for USC again. Why would you risk a career threating injury next year when you could get a load of cash now? Stupid move I think!

2. How much better can he be? - I think R.Bush will still all of his hype next year becuase he is a superstar that will demand the ball more! Heisman again, I doubt it. A kid named Adrian Peterson will win it next year!

3. NFL Stardum - He will be the next big thing in San Fran! He has a chance to come in a lead a team that will be all his. Is Ken Dorsey going to challenge him? No. I know that SF doesn't have a good team at all but a few free agents and players to are there to play better he can come in and win right away. Am I saying playoffs no, but 6-8 wins would be a great improvement for a team that beat only arizona this year in ot.

4. Injury - I spoke about this in one. If I were the coaches of the teams he plays next year, I hate to say this, but I would send a head hunter out just to hurt him. He is on top right now, so go out on top! NC and a heisman what more can you do? If he gets hurt bad, then that's millions out of his pockets!

I think it is a bad move personally! I would go pro. Yes I wouldn't want to play for SF but I would get a chance to start right away! Playing early in your career is a big factor in the NFL. Look at Big Ben!
1 - Is the NFL going bankrupt after next season?
2 - Adrian Peterson will NOT win the Heisman next season. In fact, he'll be lucky to get 1200 yards behind a completely new line, with no other proven play makers to deflect attention off of him.
3 - NFL stardum, are you serious? Again, is the league folding after 05 or something?
4 - Make no mistake, the guy will be highly insured.

Your moronic post makes me want to put my own eyes out.
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this is great news. my dreams are coming true. hopefully chow and carrol don't go anywhere.

this is my dream scenario:

USC, led by leinart, bush, chow, carrol, et al., totally dominate the competition in 2005. they roll through the pac-10 and the entire country is mesmerized by this amazing dynasty chock full of speed, talent, and the ability to score points in bunches.

the buckeyes, meanwhile, have a magnificent season of their own, going undefeated with big wins over texas and iowa. the defense, led by shut-down corner ted ginn, is fantastic. still, the country doesn't think that the buckeyes have enough talent to stop USC. going into the michigan game, the heisman race is a tight one between ginn and leinart. but in ann arbor, ginn has an incredible performance, scoring five touchdowns (one receiving, one rushing, one throwing, one return, and a pick-six). That performace wins him the Heisman and saves Archie's legacy.

The Rose Bowl features the only 2 undefeated teams in the land, mighty USC against the underdog OSU. Despite Ginn's amazingness, few prognosticators think the buckeyes have a shot; they are all convinced that USC is an unstoppable machine. But in Pasadena, the Silver Bullets dominate. Quinn Pitcock dominates in the trenches, driving Leinart back into the massive chest of Mike Kudla. Our LBs swarm to the ball and blitz from all angles. Hawk, Schlegel, and Carpenter are hit-sticking all over the place. The secondary shuts down the passing game with Nate Salley enforcing the middle. Reggie Bush is nullified, while Ted Ginn has the greatest all-around game of all time, participating in 90 percent of the snaps with many electric plays to boot. In 3 hours Leinart goes from media golden boy and sure fire #1 selection to a day 2 draft pick, while giant bronze statues of teddy are being constructed around the horseshoe before the final gun even sounds.

THAT is my dream scenario. I want USC to be at their absolute best on Jan 4th, 2006 in Pasadena. I don't want to win a national championship by beating some 1 loss team and having all the other 1 loss teams think that they would have beaten us. I want to go up against a dynasty, and end that dynasty. I want to turn the "Grandaddy of them all" into the most historic, hyped-up, dramatic, spectacular, and amazing college football game of all time. I want us to be underdogs, them to be at absolute full strength, and for both teams to fight to the death.
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can't help but think he'll regret this decision... it's not like USC was untouched this year... one play here or there in two or three games and they don't play for the NC... will they be that fortunate next yr and/or one blitz and he could be injured... opportunity knocked and IMO he should have answered the door... maybe there's not a downside other than injury... since he probably will be a top 5 next year as well... but he's got it all right now so there's no risk going out on top...if he goes now
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