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Will Bryant
Staff member
This might be rude, but I just got done checking out the festering pusball that is the Bucknuts main football board, and I got to thinking that if this board ever turned into a celebration of crippled intellects the way that one was, I'd instruct my host to douse this server in gasoline and light a match.

Some of those people would say "what fun is it if you just talk positively?" Well queer, it's simple really, just like you -- I don't want to just talk positively. I want to be able to constructively and reasonably talk about the negatives too. But if I read one more halfwit's prognostication that we WILL lose to X if we don't do Y, where Y is something like "bench Krenzel, bench Fox, reinvent our entire offensive philosophy in a week", then my head might implode.

I'm not talking about a thread like ashlands here, that's something different. But I think you all here already know what I'm talking about.

There's a cure for the Bucknuts board. Gasoline and matches. That's its only hope.

I don't remember exactly when my last post there was, it may or may not have been this month, if it was, it wasn't recent enough to still be on the board. I've removed the board from the quick links on the top of my browser. I don't intend to make the mistake of checking it again. I think almost all of the people I want to hear from at least have accounts here, even if they only (understandably) check in once a week, a month, etc.

So anyway, and I say this half jokingly, are there any people over there that we (meaning a consensus) agree are simply never welcome here?
There are many that aren't welcome, but I couldn't tell you who since there are way too many of them and that I have no idea what their handles are. But yes when we do get those people, I say ban em, but I will just recoomend that to you so you ca have the final word (unless we get a NittantyAmerica, or TurdFerguson)
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I'm with ya Clarity. The only thing that those type of negative threads end up doing is create more negative threads. If someone has a vaid argument and can back it up with data that covers both ends of the spectrum, I'm all for it.

I just hate those that think a simple substitution will fix the problems, most times it does not. Benching Krenzel for the Michigan game would only hurt our team. I can think of one pro McMullen nazi from bucknuts that I am not fond of, he always trys to stir things up.
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The "other" site can certainly be a drag, I am not the smartest Buckeye fan and I don't claim to be. I am very much consumed with being a fan, however, if I think by a long shot that I could do a better job than Coach Tressel someone needs to come out and just shoot me. I don't mind someone thinking out loud or complaining but it just gets really old. I do enjoy someone bringing up points to make me think. Most of the posters here I remembered reading their posts on Bucknuts and I always felt that the points being discussed were good solid points brought up to make you think. I am glad that this site is here and that as far as I can tell I recognize the folks that visit and post. As far as limiting access you have to do what you have to do. I guess it takes thinking back to some advice that my dad gave me, it is always better to keep your mouth shut and let people think that you are a fool then to open your mouth and prove them right.
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Oh no, now I'm afraid to post a negative post! There will always be those incidents where some second guessing is a good thing. It does make us think and it does proove at times that we as football fans to have some Knowledge of the the game. I do understand that there are those that react emotionally and at times can seem to be down right ridiculous but we cant begin saying that they should be ignored or banned because of their rantings. I too am not a huge C.K. fan but of course you don't pull him after a victory over a tough Purdue team. For all of Krenzels faults he still does not make huge mistakes that help cost a game. On the other and he rarely does the tings that turns a game around in the Bucks favor either. He just does an average job and gives his defense and his coaching a chance to win games. I will not hesitate to critize when it's called for and I hope I won't get shunned for doing so. I don't want to be a part of a forum that believes everything is wine and roses all the time. I hope we can all feel comfortable to say what we feel and still get treated with some respest for our opinions.
GO BUCKS!!!!!!
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Bear in mind that my notion of a list is mostly tongue-in-cheek. I mean, a thread whining about the whining almost has to be.

There is some sincerity to it though. If this board is ever reduced to what BNuts has become, that's when it's time to pull the switch.

Ashland, as I suspect you already know, I think there's a gigantic difference between your post, and someone over there saying that we WILL lose to Michigan if we don't play Scott McMullen. At least in my opinion. It's not about Scott, it's just about the "we WILL lose to X, if we don't do Y" argument that rears its ugly head every single week for the last two seasons while we rolled up a 24-1 record.

What I took you to say is that basically, we better play like we did against MSU, instead of how we did against Purdue, if we want a good shot at beating Michigan. I agree wholeheartedly. Happily, I think this team is almost always going to do exactly what it needs to (and not much more) to win.

Anyway, no one should take my list comments too seriously. I mean, there's only one person I'd kick/ban on sight over here. And I haven't seen hide nor hair of them, and don't expect to.
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Clarity, I think you've already got a few advantages over Bucknuts in regards to filtering out "bad" posters. Rip & Hubbard. Both are excellent moderators and over here their hands are not tied like they are at Bucknuts. Both are fair with people but also know when to put the hammer down when necessary. Giving them that power is a BIG advantage over Bucknut. The administartion at BN is so PC that they let posters dance around the board rules without any threat of punishment. Another big positive is the core group of posters at BuckeyePlanet. Everyone of them knows when someone is flamming, trolling, or posting garbage. They are quick to point it out and will not tolerate that type of behavior. Finally, the posters over here WANT to talk about OSU and learn/share. The petty bickering and childish behavior at BNs is why many of us are on BuckeyePlanet. Those who come here will realize this and stay for this environment, OR go back to Bucknuts (or other sites) because that's the type of environment they like.
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I'll name a name to ban if "it" ever shows up here:

SalaciousBCrumb or howeveer it is spelled. That is one major dickhead there.

C-Dog has been around long enuff to know what's up with most posters. BN is way too "family friendly" when guys get booted for defending this team against trolls. You all know who I'm talking about. A troll comes on and rips the team or a player, then poster "M" gets tossed for calling the guy exactly what he is.

Points are well taken, but usually piss-poorly presented over there. I could post that based on what I've seen this year that we may indeed have a better chance at beating dUMb with McM at QB because Craig has seemed apprehensive at times and has missed alot of open receivers this season. I could also just post that "CK SUCKS- McM MUST START! (These are not my feelings, just examples).

So back to the Dog's post. I'd give anybody a fair chance to post who questions the coaches play calling constructively, or the players efforts or performances. BUT, bring something with you.
This is in reference alot due to the fact that Chris Gamble is getting ripped over there. For one, without Gamble, not only would this team had not won the NC last year, it wouldn't have even been playing for it.
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