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How do you feel about NASCAR?

  • I am a huge fan

    Votes: 6 7.9%
  • I have a passing interest

    Votes: 14 18.4%
  • I am indifferent

    Votes: 33 43.4%
  • I despise it

    Votes: 23 30.3%

  • Total voters


Sweet Crude
I am in a controversial mood today and so I'm going to start a thread that is going to get some people going. I recently saw a thread on Bucknut$ discussing interest in NASCAR and it seems fans were split down the middle, yet were very passionate about their stances on the "sport".

I found several past threads that have touched on this issue, but I wanted this to be the true indicator of where we stand.

I would like to pose the following questions:

1. Do you follow or have an interest in NASCAR?
2. Do you feel NASCAR is a sport?
3. What stigmas and prejudices surround NASCAR and are these justified?

...enough with the political correctness while posing the questions. I absolutely despise NASCRAP and my only interest lies in making fun of it and the people who devote any relevant amount of time to following it.

I cannot stress enough that I don't think it constitutes a sport. NASCAR is little more than the operation of a machine and the basic equipment that these competitors use can give them a distinct advantage over others. I compare it to two football teams playing and one side has to wear 10 pound ankle weights through the entire game. I also hate the commercialization.

I view the entire thing as a lot of drunken rednecks toting their guns around a circle track and hoping to see some toothless broads "pop their top". Every vehicle I see with those NASCAR stickers is some sort of beat up truck with calvin peeing on (insert opposing car make here). They are blaring country music (which I also despise, but will save that conversation for another time) and they have an image of the confederate flag somewhere within 20 yards of them at all times. Whether or not these stereotypes are accurate, I'm not sure...it's only my personal opinion.

This could make a lot of people mad at me, but I just ask that you defend your point of view instead of blindly dinging the crap out of me. I have no problem with people taking me to task on any misconceptions they feel I have...I don't make things personal or let them carry over to other parts of the board, because we are all here as Buckeyes first and foremost.
1. no. i have all my teeth and dont eat squirrel
2. nascar is not a sport. anybody that thinks differently is insane
3. cant think of any, but if you want to watch nascar....grab a lawn chair, head to the nearest offramp, and watch the cars. its the same damn thing.
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I am indifferent... but due to my previous work experience I had a lot of involvement with NASCAR... I was always intrigued to see the garages at the tracks were as prestine as a hospital operating room... I was intrigued that these fellas would be unflustered if they had to basically build a motor from scratch the night before a race... I got to drive a couple prestigious street cars on the tracks and at 150 mph my heart had completely jumped out of my chest and I was certain that if I blinked the car would hit and disintegrate yet these guys will drive 3 inches from each other at 210 mph and not flinch... I was intrigued that most of these guys are close to 5'6" and 150 lbs... and I was always interested in the fact that the most loyal consumer you can market to is a NASCAR fan... intense product loyalty... and lastly, contrary to popular believe, NASCAR fans don't own double wides and are poor... these tickets are EXTREMELY expensive... but I'm still indifferent...

PS Seen a lot of nice tatas at the tracks too... and interestingly, NASCAR is red hot in BN27s back yard... NASCAR has no idea where Findlay OH is... so OilerBuck's never seen a race... only Soap Box Derby events for OB... He just knows it's a burr up BN27s fanny and he's crankin him up
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ive been to the delaware one and sirrus at the glen. both major parties. all you can drink night-day-night fests. two types of people. 75% big time money people. 25% sterotypical guys, though these guys wear a ton of merchandise and leather coats of there fav driver 24-7.

honestly nothing special wanted to go to see what it was like. honestly not a sport like hockey were if you go and get good seats youl be a fan. fun, but nothing more to me than an excuse to drink.
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I don't follow NASCAR. I can't really be a fan of a sport where they are constantly making up the rules as they go along. NASCAR engineers the outcome of their races.

It's a farce that they call those things stock cars. If it's a stock car, how come I can't find one at my local car dealership. I think they should just give all these guys REAL stock cars - like rental and pizza delivery cars, and let them go at it.

NASCAR is a sport. It is not an athletic event though. People fail to realize that the two aren't necessarily the same thing.

The big 3: Both sporting and athletic events.
Racing: Sport, but not athletic
Figure skating, gymnastics, etc.: Not sports, but are still athletic events.
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well ya don't hear the folks from Dayton and Findlay complain that we still call it a Soap Box Derby that was invented in THEIR towns...

these computer brainiacs... what're ya gonna do with 'em?
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1. Yes

2. Yes

3. There are many stereotypes, especially here in the south. Many of them are
changing, although the roots of the sport are still here. Let me add one
important thing, there is not a fan base more loyal than Nascar fans, and
includes us Buck fans. Be very careful calling out Nascar fans, just as one
should be wary of cracking on OSU fans!
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I like the superspeedway races. Don't really follow it much beyond Daytona and Talledega - even these were much better back in the 70's and 80's - before the plates. Hard for me to call it a sport... Stereotypes are stereotypes - they exist for a reason but aren't really to be relied on as informational.
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I am a fan of all types of racing, but Nascar is my favorite. I started following Nascar when I was about 13 and absolutely fell in love with it. Stopped watching for about 4 years (after Ernie Irvan crashed) and began again in '99 when Tony Stewart burst onto the scene. I watch every race, will only go to Home Depot for home improvement items, and hate Jeff Gordan with a passion. I am not a redneck by any means, I am 23, have been out of Ohio only once, and that was to attend the Indianapolis 500. I am a city boy.

As far as the argument "Nascar is not a sport because of the machines", well I guess a sport is what you consider a sport. If you like male figure skating as a sport, that's your preference.... homo :wink:
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1. NO
2. YES
3. Been covered already.... redneck sport...hillbilly's.... southerners.... moonshine... racists....

I used to watch "open wheeled" as it is often referred to...or CART as I learned it.... the INDY 500 was something I watched every year...then they split into CART vs IRL and it became watered down on both sides and neither one was very good. Very few Americans - so many people could not identify with a "star" ... they lost interest...lost viewers...lost sponsors.... lost drivers to NASCAR... and now the product stinks. NASCAR has clearly, and sadly, overtaken CART(or IRL).

Running a NASCAR at 200 mph and banging into each other is ok...I give some props....
running an INDY car at 200 mph with open wheels...knowing one touch of each other and its splat, wipeout, crash city.... mad props. I think it takes more skill to run INDY cars than NASCAR..but that is my opinion.

p.s. I hate Jeff Gordon too. (any man who likes him MUST be gay)
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I personally dislike NASCAR, but whatever floats your boat. People think I'm stupid for watching poker on TV, so I oughtn't be one to judge.

However, NASCAR is not a sport. I'll acknowledge that it takes physical skill and endurance to drive the cars. However, in all sports, if your supporting machine breaks, you just go get a replacement (see tennis, hockey, baseball, etc.). In NASCAR, the the supporting machine is simply too important, and takes the focus away from the athletes, who are supposed to be the focus in a sport.

I also discount NASCAR as a sport because the energy involved in it comes from an external source, gasoline, not the athletes' bodies.
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