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MI QB Sam Johnson (Boston College Signee)

MD Buckeye

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Southfield (MI)
Ht: 6'3"
Wt: 180 lbs
Class: 2019 (High School)

"The surprise of Friday for me was 2019 quarterback Sam Johnson out of Southfield, Michigan. Johnson (6-3 174) is not yet in high school, but already holds offers from Akron, Ohio and Bowling Green. The Bowling Green offer came on Friday. He is believed to be the first athlete in Michigan history to receive a scholarship offer before he was even in high school.

He showed a strong arm, but impressed with his accuracy downfield, frequently letting receivers run under his passes in stride. Johnson was hanging with Wallace and Clark throw for throw every step of the way.

Johnson told me that the staff wanted him and his family to stay and take a tour of the University, but they couldn't do it today. They asked him to come back for Friday Night Lights on July 24, and actually asked him to come a day early.

He told me that he received some very positive feedback from Beck and Meyer, and that the Buckeyes are definitely high on his list"

Buckeye Football Notebook: Ohio State's June One-Day Camps
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Michigan really seems to be pumping out the talent in its younger classes with this guy and Goldsmith (not to mention guys like Peoples-Jones in 2017). Hopefully the Buckeyes can swoop in and steal a couple of these guys out from under Dantonio and Harbaugh.
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