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Man Arrested For Not Tipping Waitress Enough


Be cool-everyone dealing w something u don't know
Staff member
  • I consider myself a pretty good tipper.. but I take offense to waiters/waitresses who under perform...

    A tip is a reward for performance... if it is merely expected without performance... and expected even when you suck... I feel I need to send you a 'hint'... if it wasn't for my wife and daughter who are MUCH more 'understanding and forgiving'.. there are a number of times the mgr would have been been given a bad rating of his workers

    I do not hold them responsible for bad food... but your tip is a function of whether you added to my positive experience

    Took the fam out couple weeks ago... and got the best service I have had in a LONG time... I'm sure she was very surprised at that tip.. but I did wonder that it would be a shame if they pooled tips.. cuz that tip was for HER
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    But I didn't, so it doesn't
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    I'm the best tipper I know, I'm just tired of hearing about how hard a servers life is. They fucking whine when they get 10%, but never take to facebook to thank someone for that 40%. They regularly make hundreds of dollars in 12hrs on a weekend for doing nothing but carrying shit and smiling.
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    Enjoy Every Sandwich
    ScriptOhio;2312279; said:
    FWIW, some interesting tipping stories on celebrities:

    "BILL PAXTON spent most of his time in the bathroom with his guy friend and ordered a lot but didn't eat a thing. Nice guy, but needs to lay off the blow. Tip was about 18%."

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    Am I Allowed To Say That?
    '17 BPCFFB II Champ
    Lost the tip on a $20 check? Pretty sure most Auburn fans would happily fork over @ $4 in exchange for that final score. ($4 or, given this was a 'Bama fan, several lint-covered pennies and a wadded up gum wrapper.)
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