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LB Thomas Matthews (official thread)


in your program and was the #1 LB at the Spring Game according to Chris Spielman.

This one's for you HH! :)

Chris said he thought Thomas had the best game of any of our LB's. I was also impressed.

Maybe we found our new C. Grant? It will be tough for him to get playing time with Hawk in front of him but he could bring an extra speed dimension off the edge. Hopefully he get's some PT this year.
The linebacker spot is an embarrassment of riches. I think the position has seen three better starting backers, but has never had this type of depth.

I think this is the first of many positions that JT will stockpile with talent. The DBs are about to overflow with skilled players to be followed by O-linemen, rbs and wrs. It's all part of the grand scheme and is maturing each year. I see JT working from a philosophy of depth, speed and versatility and doing so in a state and at a school that can support his vision year after year.

Tressel teams will be hard to derail by injury because of the rare depth that should very soon be a characteristic of all Buckeye teams.
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today...coach t and spiels were in agreement that this group of linebackers just may be the best....top to bottom...in the history of ohio state...

the boar hunter

all seven would start at any school......
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Thomas Matthews--Secret Weapon

I saw that both Troy Smith and Ted Ginn gave credit to Thomas Matthews, mentioning both his pre-game talk and his talk during Friday night chapel, as driving home the importance of the OSU-Michigan game. I've seen other occasional references to Thomas Matthews' leadership in the locker room and on the sideline.

What a fine young man Thomas Matthews must be. You know he always wanted to be a starter, and he could have started on many other teams. Any other guy could easily have gotten down on himself and the program. But he played his special teams role with relish, and he became one of the spirtual leaders of the team. We will all miss the senior leadership of the likes of Dustin Fox, Simon Fraser, NUUUGE, and others. But we may never realize just how important Thomas Matthews' leadership was to this team.

Congratulations on a fine career and best wishes for all good things in your future.

Our #1 was better than their #1
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OH yeah- Thomas was getting them going right before kickoff too.

Good luck and Thank You to Thomas Matthews and all the Seniors.
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I thought this threat was most deserving of bumping it back up to the top. I would have loved to been in that Chapel to hear what he said. It must have been an inspiration to all the team members. A fifth year senior coming forth and being a leader in what he believed is the kind of things you need to have on your team.

You can be a leader in so many ways without setting foot on the playing field. The words that we speak to others can ignite something deep inside of a persons character. It has happned to me quite a few times. I know the feeling. Kuddos to Thomas Matthews.
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