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Latest Eddie George Update

This is a pretty sad situation from the Titan organization, but business is business I guess, especially in the NFL. Tenneesse runs him 30 times a game his whole career until he starts to slow down, and now is trying to ditch him. George was the heart of that team a couple of years ago and was their work horse, and now look whats happening.
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Per Cbs Sportsline.......

George requests quick release from Titans

"Eddie George, Tennessee's all-time leading rusher, rejected the Titans' latest contract offer Monday and asked the team to release him quickly so he can seek a job with a new team."


Good Luck Eddie!! I hope you find a team that will treat you well and find a great situation. You were my favorite!!
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Did EG get ran into ground as Earl Campbell did by Oilers ?

Or has he played longer and better than most thought he would ?

I can remember talking to some dude in California back in 1996 who played at Utah and who thought EG wouldn't last long because he ran too tall. I'll admit I'm surprised that he's closing in on 10000.
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If Eddie catches on with a team that sees him as more than "clock management", then I think he's got a few good years ahead of him. He's neither as broken or slowed down as the media and fans would like you to believe. Give him a true lead blocker (he had what, one with the Titans in Lorenzo Neal, and ran for 1509 yards that season), let him do more than run straight up the gut, and I honestly believe he still can be an every down guy for someone. I know quite a few here would disagree, but I'd put some vCash on it. Given a real shot somewhere, in my opinion, he will break 1k yards.

My hope is Dallas (and I grew up a Skins fan). If he goes there, I'll go ahead and call it 1250 running behind Richie Anderson and/or Jamar Martin.

LHM is gone, but I believe Eddie already is over 10k.
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Before he signs, my guesses are, in order of liklihood:

Philadelphia-no backs to depend on, and they don't run as much, so he wouldn't be overused. A contender looking for the final piece. The signing of Owens means it depends on whether they can afford him.

Denver-Garrison Hearst is at the top of the depth chart, and he is not durable and has lost a step. A contender who needs a back to put them over the top now that Portis is gone.

Cincinnati-Is Rudi Johnson ready to carry the load? I don't think so, and maybe they don't either. He could start here.

Baltimore-with Jamal Lewis' legal trouble, they could use an insurance policy, and may be willing to pay to get one. Eddie would have to know he won't play much if Jamal plays though

Houston-Davis is a good back, but pretty small, and not as durable. He would share time here.

Dallas-a long shot, but still possible, as I think George is a "Parcells guy"

Chicago-also a long shot, but no one can make up their mind what type of back they want, and they need someone to light a fire under the other guys
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Not only is he over 10k but he is only the second RB to ever go over 10k while never missing a start. The other RB... Jim Brown.

From an article...

He is only the second NFL running back to rush for 10,000 yards while never missing a start, joining Jim Brown. Only Walter Payton (170) has started more consecutive regular-season games than George's 128.

``I could draft running backs for the next 30 years and I may never draft another Eddie George,'' Reese said.
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I cant believe that people are making a big deal that he doesnt want take a paycut from 4.25 to 1.5, no shit i wouldnt do it either, he is a great back that could make a real nice impact, i still thinks he fits into parcells plan if the boys will sign him. Run the ball and play D, i think that formula has worked once or twice, and with the d in the big D dallas could be tough.

As i was typing saw the story on eddie on SC
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Eddie is also the only RB ever to go 8 straight season over 300 carries. Next closest, Payton with 6. Of course Payton also had another 4 year run of over 300 carries per season. Payton's 10 total, and Eddie's 8 straight are ridiculous in the NFL ... simply astounding.
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I'd really like to see Eddie end up in Philadelphia. It would be great for him to get a few more chances at a super bowl, plus he's a great guy to have in the backfield for quarterbacks like McNair and McNabb. He's great in protection and defenses wouldn't really key in on him.
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