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Jackson "L" Carman (OL Cincinnati Bengals)

This is probably a bit premature, but you could be looking at the top OL in the class of 2018 (top 5 at least imo)...kid is going to have every school in the nation after him. Should carry the Myers torch awfully well as one of the nation's best coming from the home state. Myers/Carman as bookend tackles? Sign me up.
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Penn State offered this week as well.
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Confirmation on the visit to tOSU this weekend.
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BN $ - Kurelic's corner: Buckeyes' highest recruiting priority and more

Jackson says Coach Meyer told him he's the No. 1 overall player on their board & he wants him to be the focal point of the '18 class. Coach Meyer also expressed a desire for Jackson to enroll early because he believes he can contribute immediately. tOSU currently leads with TTUN & Sparty looming.
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