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If you could guarantee one commit from the following, who would it be?

If you could guarantee one commit from the following, who would it be?

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For now, I'd go with Sanchez. My reasoning is that no other single player makes as much of an impact on a team as much as a QB does. Zwick and Smith will have no more than two years with Sanchez on the roster, and if Sanchez red-shirts, he'd be a red-shirt sophomore when Zwick and Smith graduates. He'd either be our starter or the backup for Boeckman, and as such will be very important. We have a ton of talent in our secondary, so while getting a great safety or corner is always a big plus, we could get by without another 4- or 5-star DB (seeing as we already have O'Neal). I would say our second biggest overall need is OL, but we already have the top two OL in the state (one of them being the #4 OL in the country and a 5-star prospect), so missing out on another top-flight OL is manageable. We're pretty set at DL and LB for the next few years, so it's not a huge need right now. I reserve the right to change my mind later (even if I do cast an "official" vote after I submit this post).
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I almost went with Doering but in the end I picked Sanchez. Not only is he a highly skilled quarterback that plays the most important position on the field, he also could change the national perception of our offense. Sanchez has a good arm, makes good decisions will the ball, has great mechanics already and is an excellent athlete who can get first downs with his feet. If he were to come to Columbus and play well it would attract top receivers from around the country and future quarterbacks who would no longer be scared to play in our offense. Hopefully Zwick, Smith or Boeckman can change that perception. Unfortunately I think we have a less than 50/50 shot at Sanchez. Prove me wrong, Mark!
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You're right about QB's, but defense wins championships, and I'll take a QB killer - Melvin Alaeze, the next Will Smith (if he comes to OSU, that is).

Sanchez would be my no. 2 selection.
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You're right about QB's, but defense wins championships

True, but no one person on defense can make the difference to the degree the QB can on offense. We've seen what a mediocre QB (Bellisari) can do to a season. Krenzel wasn't super-talented physically but made good decisions on a consistant basis. If we can get a kid that has both physical and mental talent, then he can make a huge difference. Thus I'd take Sanchez. My #2 pick would be a defensive player, most likely Alaeze.
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The NFL values QB's, DL's, and RB's as impact players. Below is a breakdown of all first and second overall picks (by position) in the NFL and AFL drafts since 1961:

QB: 27 (17 no. 1; 10 no. 2)
DL: 23 (13 no. 1; 10 no. 2)
RB: 19 (11 no. 1; 8 no. 2)
OL: 14 (but only 3 no. 1 overall)
LB: 9
WR: 7
DB: 1

I chose 1961 as the beginning of the modern era of NFL football, as that was the year that the pass-oriented AFL began play.

Looks like an argument can be made to support all of our choices.
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I took Wells after considering both Doering and Sanchez. Wells' burst is rare, I just envision him doing great things as a Buckeye. Doering and Boone as bookends was very tempting as was a polished HS QB like Sanchez, but I am still intrigued by Wells.
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I'd take Derrick Williams-this guy is supposed to be the next Peter Warrick, Santonio Holmes,etc. That's the kind of playmaker I want at WR. I would not pick Wells or AMW because I have a good feeling about both of those guys committing, whereas Williams is venturing into pipe-dream territory as far as a commit goes.
2nd place would be Bright-all great D's begin w/ monster DTs.
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