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If not Ross or Hall, who will be our leading rusher this year?

If not Ross or Hall, who will lead the team in rushing at the end of the season?

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wow thats a tough one.. I am still hoping Ross has a breakout senior season so im looking at this question as "if Ross gets hurt again, and hall doesnt recover from the knee surgeries who will lead in rushing?" I think maybe we would end up going to a tailback by commitee approach with pittman and Joe getting most of the early season work with Haw and possibly DK putting up some good numbers later in the season. In which case im gonna say Pittman would have the most yards followed by Joe in a close second. But I will also say that Haw will have the most YPC and most YPG once he gets the system down.
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Not that I am rooting for Lydel to fail, but I really think the young guys are the key to this season. Lydel as not shown me enough to make me put my faith in him. I would like nothing better than for Ross to have a great senior year, but I would really love to see one of the freshman take this job by the horns. It would help us to forget MoC and all his potential that we will never again get to see. Haw gets my vote. He looks to have the size and speed to be a bi time player. I also like what I saw out of Pittman at the spring game. I would be just a happy to see Tony Pittman take the job and run.
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You all may think I'm on high-grade crack, but I went with Roshawn Parker. The kid's a senior and will want to tote the ball. He's only carried it a time or two, but the one time I remember was against Kent State (I think) in 2002 when they were running out the clock inside the 15, and he took it off left tackle and almost broke free. If he were to get a few carries and then had to step in should Ross and Hall not be available, I have the feeling he could do quite well.
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Definitely thinking Ross with a great year. I think he will go over 1,000 yds.
The better Ross is this year, the more inspired Haw and Pittman will be next year. Senior leadership. I think we'll see it.
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Mili, you're high on crack :wink:
I thought Pittman looked so special in the Spring game that I can't help but go with him.
I thought Joe Might end getting a shot at as the feature back I doubt it now.
I can't believe the coaches didn't see something very special in Pittman. They'll get him some carries at the very beginning of the season. If he looks good in the early season then I think he'll get the bulk of the carries.
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I really wanted to vote Erik Haw because I as another person posted I think that he has the size and definelty the speed to be a great tailback at OSU. How bad I want a GREAT running back to make us all forget about the money hungry running back (13). But because I saw Pittman at the spring game and he did enroll early I would bet that he is the second leading rusher. But I know this is jumping way ahead but OSU has a real shot to have 2 explosive running back next year (05) with Haw and Pittman.
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This is for OSU sKoolBoy, or anyone else that votes for Smith or Zwick: Why?

I hope in this instance that you are really really wrong! If someone (or two, or three) in our running back stable doesn't outgain the QB, I think that we are in for a long Belasaurious-type year.

Does anyone know how many D-1 schools have finished with winning records while having their quarterback as the teams leading rusher? Maybe qualify that by making it in the last 25 years...
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MightbeaBuck said:
Does anyone know how many D-1 schools have finished with winning records while having their quarterback as the teams leading rusher? Maybe qualify that by making it in the last 25 years...
Brad Smith and Missouri did it last year. He rushed for 1,310 and led the team. Their record was 8-4.

chille37 said:
Their record was 8-4.
Sorry... 8-5 if you count the bowl game
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I voted Haw, but I think I've changed my mind.

I think Haw has more potential in the long run (based on what little I've seen), but Pittman has the early enrollment edge. He's already shown that he can work within the system, and I think that's going to be the crucial difference for this year.

Wouldn't it be sweet if we could redshirt one (or both) of these two? Give them a year of conditioning with the team, and more experience in the system, and have a "lightly seasoned" feature back next year who still has 4 years of eligibility... yeah, baby!
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