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How many of you have tried the Atkins

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Can always tell your threads by the subject Donny :)

I have been on it a couple times. It is very good for fast weight loss, but it is very bad for you. You can have alot of problems with kidney stones, gall stones, etc. If you do it, dont eat alot of red meat just because you can.

Been doin a low fat diet for a bit over a month now, lost 12 lbs so far. I dont think it matter what diet you use, as long as you keep your willpower and dont cheat every other day.
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Right now I'm on the "eat whatever the fuck I want" diet. No matter how hard I try I can never loose weight so I just give up. That's part of the reasom for me quitting smoking. If I can start jogging (without hacking up a lung) I feel that I'll be able to loose a little and tone up.
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I tried it about three years ago. I did it for a couple of months, but the biggest change for me came from switching from regular Coke to Diet. I've kept that up and now just try to keep an eye on carbs and sugars. Just getting off of liquid sugars (Coke, sweet tea, juice) has made all the difference.
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I thought this thread was about the Atkins twin sisters.
I dated one, my buddy dated the other.
That is a story for another thread.

I think if you follow the principles instead of the marketing it is a good diet.
At the start you probably do take a health risk.

The botton line is to eat less refined food, eat more natural food that fills you up, drink water and take vitamins. People turned it into the steak and lobster diet when chicken, turkey and nuts will do. Even then if you do not exercise you will have risks.

You know what he say, eat right, exercise and you are still going to die. That is OK, haven't you heard Social Security will run out of money with all the retirees.
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The people I know who have tried it and been successful used it to jumpstart their weight loss and then moved into a sensible exercise/eat right program. It is amazing watching the unsuccessful people drop and gain weight very quickly.
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Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens.
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TheyCallMeAssassin said:
Eat less, exercise more. That's the magic formula.


Just the excercise part will work. Its my opinion that people don't want to face the fact that they are going to have to exercise forever. Period. That's just how it is. If you don't do anything now.. just 3 times aweek for 30 minutes will make a big difference about how you feel... might not cause you to magically lose a lot of weight.. but its a step to being healthier... something to build on.
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TheyCallMeAssassin said:
It doesn't work. Long term, it will cause fatigue, kidney failure and loss of brain function.
It works fine, as long as you take the time to read and follow the proper diet. If you just start eating fatty meats and stop eating carbs you will not do well. Multivitamins are essential, otherwise your body will start to get cramps within a few days. You also need to avoid alcohol and sugar for the first 2 weeks, since they have some properties that are similar to sugar and may trick your body into storing fat instead of burning it.

The whole point of the ketosis is to get your body burning it's own fat, instead of continuing to store new fat. You only do this until you reach your proper weight. Then you slowly introduce an increase of healthier carbs (whole grains, fruits, and the like) while continuing to avoid bad carbs (overly processed items such as white flour and sugar.) You continue to monitor your carb intake and find the proper amount that you can eat on a daily basis.

If you follow it properly, you'll find that you eat less and are not as hungry as you are on low-fat diets. Exercise is still recommended. The more exercise that you do, you will need to increase your carb intake appropriately.
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I incorrectly used the Atkins plan for a year. Lost 70+ pounds in the process, but you can bet that I've regained that within a few months of quitting the diet. It was like watching Eddie Murphy expand in "The Nutty Professor". Well, except for ethnicity. Lately, I've just been excercising and cutting down on carbs & junkfood. Its slow, but it works.
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  • my experience and the experience of virtually everyone I know copies LuvChild... Adkins followed strictly, you'll drop quickly and the results will be extremely visible.. but once you normalize and re-interject carbs, it all comes back and often and then some... and it'll come back quick...

    the best diets are those that can be basically followed forever as a lifestyle change.. this is why I don't feel Atkins is a good diet... you cannot follow it for a lifetime...

    BuckinMich has a very good post... if you'd use the atkins as a starter and then immediately move into a more normalized lifestyle diet (like Weight Watchers/points), you'd have the best of both worlds.. and you'd have a diet that could be a permanent lifestyle change...

    lastly, do NOT have kids... kids are the worlds worst causes of weight gain... try to make a kid PB&J or a loaded sundae and not indulge... or to have the restraint to not finish off the rest of that chimichanga loaded with cheese they are leaving on their plate... it's a slippery slope when those buggers come on the scene...
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    The Most Power-Drunk
    scooter1369 said:
    Most people that bash Atkins or had problems with it, don't know a thing about it.
    That's why Atkins himself died of a heart attack?

    Your body, if following this diet exactly, loses the ability to digest carbohydrates. Once they are re-introduced, the weight comes back...many times much more than what the person started with. There is absolutely no better way to stay healthy than to eat less, eat healthy, and exercise.
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