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vrbryant said:

I think it's the timing of the issue. We hear about Obie's lawsuit from the very network that's launched a massive full-scale attack on our team, programs, coaches, players, fans, etc.

Erase "him" (MC) from the equation, pretend he never existed (nice thought), and I doubt anyone gets too worked up about Obie's lawsuit.
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Rick James said:
does O'Brien really think he deserves $3.4 million, after that horse**** of a product he produced for the past few years?
Randy Ayers' last 5 years
1993: 15-13
1994: 13-16
1995: 6-22
1996: 10-17
1997: 10-17

Jim O'Brien
1998: 8-22
1999: 27-9 (Final Four)
2000: 23-7 (Big Ten Co-Champs)
2001: 20-11
2002: 24-8 (Big Ten Co-Champs)
2003: 17-15
2004: 14-16

Conclusion: Jim O'Brien is a classless individual who hasn't done anything for this program but run it into the ground, screw him and the horse he rode in on! :roll1:

NOTE: This post is dripping in sarcasm. I wish Obie nothing but the best.
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yeah let's stick up for a coach that gave out scholarships to mediocre players and gave out money to mediocre players some of whom never even came here. No wonder we never had a shot at Lebron. He would have bankrupted the school.
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