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GTA San Andreas trailer

Clarity said:
Just heard from Electronics Boutique. It's available for pickup (with preorder from ebgames.com) at 7pm tonight.
TONIGHT?!?!?!? I hope you aren't messin with me C-dogg, because now you've done got my hopes up. I reserved a copy at EB and am going to go ask them right after work if it will really be available tonight. I was just getting on this thread to type the lyrics to "Tomorrow" off of "Annie". :biggrin2:
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OilerBuck said:
TONIGHT?!?!?!? I hope you aren't messin with me C-dogg, because now you've done got my hopes up. I reserved a copy at EB and am going to go ask them right after work if it will really be available tonight. I was just getting on this thread to type the lyrics to "Tomorrow" off of "Annie". :biggrin2:

Call them first probably, but mine told me they have copies for online (ebgames.com) preorder with in-store pickup already in hand, and are releasing those tonight at/after 7pm in order to offset tomorrow's rush.

So I should be 3:30 hours from, ah, "bustin' some caps".

About 4 months ago, I saw an exec from Rockstar claiming this release was going to "redefine the genre" and "blow people away". I sort of scoffed at this, despite being a huge believer in Rockstar's approach to game development. Based on what I've read and seen recently, it sounds like they're definitely not going to disappoint.

My only knock is that they don't release it on XBox at the same time. I have nothing against my PS2 at all, but the reality is the GTA series is so much better visually on the XB.

San Andreas today, Halo 2 around the corner. Looks like my BP 'chores' are going to be neglected for a while.
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I have been reading everything about this game that I can get my hands on. I am really excited about it. I agree with you on the subject of graphics and smooth gameplay being more appealing on the XBox than on Playstation. I think the versatility and history of Playstation is what has made it the most popular game system (sheer number-wise). Controllers that people are used to, a greater variety (not necessarily quality) of games and pure establishment has made the system more appealing to software companies looking for a solid release. I think that XBox has staying power, unlike some other "flash in the pan" game systems...but it will take a few years of dominance before their numbers rise above those of the Playstation and they get the more favorable release dates.

I'm so pumped...I hope this game is available tonight!
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How the next generation consoles play out is really going to help define Microsoft's place. It's already shaping up to be an interesting little war. XB2 expected out in time for the holidays next year, PS3 about 6 months later. Sony seems to be going with their blu-laser technology, where MS is being courted by the HD-DVD faction. Game development companies already have production cycles started for games targeting the new platforms. Based on early estimates, this jump appears to be an even bigger leap forward than the PS > PS2 genesis was.

The big knock on XB for a while was definitely the range of games. While that's not much of a concern for me as I have pretty focused interests, I know they've really come around on that issue. Rockstar is the only top-tier company I know that releases for both, but puts a delay on the XB releases. That's a major coup for Sony, and one I suspect they'll do almost anything to hang on to. The crumbling of the virtual Berlin Wall between EA and Microsoft tore down one of the biggest barriers for that system to date, and I suspect the launch of XB2 is going to see MS on much more even footing with Sony, at least here in the US. MS's standard aggressive approach to everything they do seems to have served them well, nailing down exclusives with guys like Peter Molyneux and his Lionhead Studios (despite the Fable flap), as well as the Bungie team (Halo/Halo 2) amongst others were solid moves. From the perspective of one who plays the games, I wish taking the 'competition' to that level wasn't necessary, but from a business perspective, it makes perfect sense.

All I know is that this MS vs. Sony 'war' is great for the end users as both will be going out of their way to wow us with the next generation. Make no mistake, I'll leverage every single contact and favor I have left in the industry when they come out to try and get free copies of both systems. But even if forced to pay, I'll be getting both.

Ugh, lol, I haven't written that much about general gaming in years. And I wasn't even paid for it this time.

Funny in retrospect that it's the newcomers to the industry that have effectively dominated it. I know Nintendo still has a share, but realistically speaking, they focus on the younger niche market now and I only consider them in loose competition for gaming dollars. Sony made a huge splash with the Playstation. Microsoft with the XBox a full generation later. And we've seen former powers (Sega for example) fade into hardware history, and some (3DO) implode along the way.

I wish I still had my Odyssey2. Lol, Magnavox. That was the first platform I played football on. Red Dog Blitz was the shit.
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I certainly appreciate the information. I'm psyched up about the next big gaming war. As far as I am concerned, MS really took a step forward with the XBox's hard drive. You don't realize how big of a difference that is until one of your friends is loading all his information straight from his system instead of fumbling with 5 unlabled memory cards.

I'm afraid I still don't keep up as much as I would like to on future gaming technology. I need to get "teched" up a little before I upgrade to a new system, but I think PS3 will have a huge advantage because (of all dumb things) I love the controller setup and am used to it, and also because I have all these PS2 games and playstation is great about legacy compatibility. That being said, Microsoft and Nintendo have really set the bar higher and, like you said, it is great news for the end user. Things are progressing at an exponential rate (remember how awesome we thought it was when Atari was replaced by the NES and that was replaced by SNES and Sega Genesis)? PS2's current visual inferiority doesn't bother me because I'm a slave to great gameplay, even in it's simplicity (Tecmo Super Bowl is still my favorite game of all time). That will probably keep me from leaving PS2 unless it really lags behind in performance or under game *** les.

Thanks for informing me of the 7:00 release, I called EB and they told me you were right. I can play tonight instead of tomorrow! I'd hook you up with some greenies based on the last sweet post on gaming...but I guess I'm supposed to spread those around a bit. :)

Have fun gaming C...looks like our posting is going to be down for a few weeks.

EDIT: Speaking of systems getting blown away...I still have a Dreamcast. That was supposed to dominate the market for years when it came out!
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