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Giovanni Strassini: A Football Fantasy

:lol: what did he do to you, NYG?

After I blocked the strASSHOLE on social media, he tried harassing me for a period of time. I proceeded to block all known contact with him- email and the like (Verizon required numbers to be re-blocked every 90 days). My local police even told him to cease all contact with me.

Once his all-American charade was exposed here, his harassment of me started back up. Part of this is my own laziness (and Verizon's policy at that time that numbers can only be blocked for 90 days) of not keeping up with blocking his #. When his All-American charade was exposed, was when I finally decided to get an iPhone & was able to permanently block his #.

I'm usually a forgiving person- but when you pull the constant harassment and attempted demonization that "Giova" pulled with me, I don't forgive or forget tha.
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I know him personally since 1974. He is a pathological liar and I have been done with his charades for some time.
Bank robbery in 1981 will not be visible on the net
He needs help
The robbery doesn't show up. Lots of bad checks, some misuse of credit cards, forgery, theft (both normal and grand LOL), being a dead beat dad, but nothing since 2016 so maybe he got his shit together (or maybe he went back to jail)? His last arrest in 2016 has no description but shows up as "FEDERAL".

I don't know about you guys but I hate seeing former Buckeye greats go down a dark path like this.
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