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Game Greatness score in NCAA 2k5


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I was wondering what the highest score is, and what the highest score you guys have gotten is. I couldn't find anything online.

I beat my friend 71-69 in 4 OTs, and got a score of 1836. The game was insane.

Anyway, was just wondering
Me and a friend of mine have no lives and tried to "manufacture" a greatness score by going deep into overtime and throwing last second touchdowns...I don't know how the game figured it out, but the greatness score sucked! We put a lot of work into it too! haha
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Mine is 1900 and something. My buddy and I were playing a defensive battle (pretty much every game we play). I led for most of the game, and he drove the ball down and scored a touchdown to go up 7-3. I got the ball with 20 seconds and threw 3 incomplete passes from my 20 yard line. On 4th down with less than 5 seconds to play, I threw a bomb and juked his DB's out and took it to the house. That was a fantastic game.

I have also came back from a 21 point deficit in the 2nd half of a game to beat the guy in the last minutes. That one was rated very high.

I have a couple of games that have gone into 2-3 OT's which also got high marks.
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By odd coincidence, I got a new high today (er, yesterday now).

1815 in a win, Cal over Stanford. No OT, but there were 4 lead changes in the 4th quarter, and 2 TDs scored in the last 20 seconds of the game. I got screwed on a desperation bomb of theirs, I went for the pick, missed, then totally whiffed on a hard tackle with my safety. He took it 43 yards for a TD putting him up 4 points. With about 13 seconds left, I had the ball on my 20. Went incomplete on 3 bombs. 4th down with literally 1 second left, 80 yards away, I tried a hail mary. It went down into double coverage and was batted up in the air. Some other receiver came in from his route, snatched it up in front of the defender (on or around the 18 -- Rogers has a hell of an arm), another one is on the ground after taking the original receiver out, my guy damn near runs out of bounds after grabbing it, but gets to about the 6 yard line before a defender hits him. Luckily, amazingly, whatever, it's one of those hits where the guy just sort of highsteps through it and shrugs it off, he makes it to the endzone well after the clock has run down to zero, and I win (after the XP) by three. One of the more exciting games I've played with this title, which sounds sort of lame when one considers it's a console game, but even fake football can provide a bit of the rush the real thing offers.

No cheats or screwing around, just ridiculously lucky on that final play. I can only imagine how high the "greatness" score would have gone had this game somehow gone to overtime.

Two oddities about this game, I threw for over 400 yards with Rogers (I basically always have very OSU-like games with any team I use; low passing, high rushing), and there were 7 picks on the game. I threw 3, he 4. Much higher there than normal.

Prior to that, the top greatness I had was a paltry 1216 (a 10-17 loss where I was Princeton, they were Pittsburgh). Then there are a few around 1100, and a handful below 1000. The lowest one is 298. But it's OSU 21, scUM 16 in an online game win against a Weasel fan. So I'll take it.

I'm relatively certain I had one over 2000 with NCAA 2004, but I'd have to check. An Army/Navy game (I'm Navy, of course) that went to literally like 7 OTs. Insane game. I won when I managed to user pick his forced 2pt conversion attempt, after making my own.
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