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Will Bryant
Staff member
I'm a little angry at the moment, so I'm trying to think happy thoughts.

After going 0-2, I've played three more games. In the 4th quarter of USC (me), LSU -- I led 17-7. In the 4th quarter of OSU (me), scUM -- I led 14-10. In the 4th quarter of OSU (me), FSU -- I led 16-0.

All 3 of these BASTARDS dropped on me late in the 4th when it was obvious they had no chance. I guess I have to stop with the quick matches, go to Opti-match and not take anyone with any drops. Thing is, the last guy I found in the East Lobby. He was 1-0 with no drops. So there was no seeing that one coming.

It all but ruins the online experience for me. After such a poor start, I really came on in these games (was down 0-10 in the scUM game and came back in the second half). It's massively frustrating to still be sitting here 0-2.

The worst is that 2 of these guys waited until the last few moments of the game to do it.
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Only thing worse than a quitter is a scummer. Bret is the proverbial double whammy!

So it tells you how many times a player has quit when you view their profile? That's cool. I clearly need to start playing online. :(
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at least you got part of a game in. i played my first 2005 online game last night. kicked off, kid returned it to the 13. 3 yard loss on a toss play, incomplete pass, incomplete pass leaves him 4th and 13 on the 10. of course he goes for it and when he doesnt get it all of a sudden the game starts jumping around and he quits. i played for 30 seconds of game time and had to finish against the computer just to give the jerk a disconnect and a loss.

i hate the online idiots. thats why i joined an online league as THE Ohio State University. something we should definately consider for this site.
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We should set up our own room (lobby) tonight and pair up for some games. We can name the room something like "bp rock" and make the password "gobucks." Anyhow, that's just a thought. If anyone else has a better idea for a room name or password let us know and we can choose 1 for tonight.

The only thing that I'm worried about now is that some guys get to practice all day and I'm stuck working. I'm sure I can expect at least one royal ass kicking tonight. Hmmm... maybe I'll just stick to dynasty play and protect my sensitive ego from such drama.

Edit: Just got another idea for a room name. How about "tOSU" or "tOSU bp"?
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Is there anyway to get a total list of BuckeyePlanet ps2 and/or xbox users?

I wish we were all on the same system, oh well.

I hate droppers. The only time I have dropped a game is when I have gotten a few drunk fools talking strange sex acts the whole time (all three were from Tennessee, not that means anything. . .).
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never played on-line PS2... I have, however, done Yahoo games (ie Chess, etc.) and can feel your frustration on the "game dropping." It's just classless. Not sure you can do a lot about it though other than maybe tell people who the droppers are and hope no one plays em... I read in the instruction book of 2K5 that they keep track of drops, but I don't recall if there were consequences to a lot of drops.
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I know in previous games I've played on XBL, people have got around the drops thing by turning off their box. That may be what these guys are doing. Frankly, I'm surprised the guy I waxed yesterday 55-0 didn't drop. They were warming up the proverbial bus before the end of the first quarter in that one.
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I got dropped and hit "resume game" and then ended up back in the lobby. I was beating a guy that was using scUM and he even had HFA. He tried blitzing me and I torched him by hitting the open receiver. I was leading 28-6 at the half and he cut out. Now my record is 0-1 and I have 100% dnf. That is unjust and rude.
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I finally got a good game in. The guy played as Texas and ran a lot with the QB, but I won 10-7, in Texas. That game is now my #1 ranked all-time game. It was pretty sweet.

Also, I got you added to my buddy list, jlb. Thanks for the invite.
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I just discovered games that *other people* drop on you, show up the same way as they do for them. 2 of the 3 drops from before have now shown up on my profile. They're credited as losses, and my DNF is now 40%. So despite having legitimately won 3 games, my record is shown as 0-5.

Yeah, that feels pretty good. I just don't understand why the hell they do it. They STILL get a loss anyway, but it also increases their DNF. So all they accomplish is screwing the other person over.

Now to share my range of feelings on the issue in smiley form;

:smash: :boohoo: :mad1: :blush: :sad: :shake: :tic: :sad2: :hatepc: :pissed: :grr: :huh: :sick1:
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I continue to despise all who have that game.... as I vigilantly await my copy... even got teased yesterday... a note in my mail box saying I had a package.... but not my game... so sad.... so very very sad.... I hate you all...
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I beat Texas 28-6 and I was surprised they couldn't put up much of a comeback on me. Others, like Mich 97', will throw deep all day on you if you don't watch it, especially late in the game. I call alot of zone blitzes late in the game to try and keep the computer on edge. Seems to work though I haven't really played the higher levels yet.
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Ugh! This guy using Texas started off whooping my ass - ran the ball down my throat for two quick figgies. I adjusted, and began to stop him. Getting my own offense going was pretty tough. I benched Zwick in favor of the more mobile Smith. B/C the pass defense AI is so ridiculous in this game, he had the freedom to blitz the hell out of me, stopping the run. Smith's passes were on target, but all of my receivers dropped them. It remained 6-0 until about 2 min. left in the 4th qtr. I finally put a couple passes together, and was able to punch through with a TD. On his ensuing possession, with no t/o left, he gets sacked a couple times by Donte Whitner, and he ends up going for it of 4th down and failing. Two runs by Joe made the score 14-6, so he's technically still in it. For the last minute of the game, he just keeps calling Hail Marys and he eventually pulls a couple catches and 50 yards out of his ass. The gun goes off - GAME OVER. I win, right? Hell no! The shithead unplugs his box before they go to the final score (I heard him tell his buddy to unplug it! That little bitch!), and it's as if the game never existed. The cocksucker didn't even get a disconnect for it! Never play a game against Achilles 24. I should be 3-0 now.

BTW, look who's no. 3 overall in the OT Drill.:tongue2:
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