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just saw it yesterday grad. makes you kind of re-evaluate all the "we suck" posts.

i think anybody who calls in to a coaches call in show should go see it. not that it would do any good. they wouldnt get it.

i did think it was funny when he got home that one time they had those things in the lawn :lol:

*edited so as not to give it away :biggrin:
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No doubt...we had kids fired up, yelling at the screen. We're on lockdown until pregame meal @4 but damn they were ready to play an hour ago.

Its a must-see for any fan who did not play the game...excellent job of demonstrating the pressure placed on teenage kids and coaches
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I saw Explosions in the Sky-the band that did the score for FNL open for the Smashing Pumpkins last year.
The halftime speech Coach Gaines made at the state semi was beautiful. The only thing I disliked about the movie was that it totally changed a lot of the scores, game results, and on field action of a bunch of the games-the game against Carter was a defensive struggle, not a shoot out like in the movie.
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