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Apr 24, 2014
May 6, 2009
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Delaware, Ohio

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student, from Delaware, Ohio

SCBuck13 was last seen:
Apr 24, 2014
    1. CentralMOBuck
      You a Mac Miller fan?
    2. Roger Goodell
      Roger Goodell
      Check the NFL Draft LIVE thread for tomorrows picks. You pick is due in by time identified. Thank you.
    3. Roger Goodell
      Roger Goodell
      Stow fan here, I will trade you the Colts 5th round pick for your 2 6th rounders and your 7th round comp pick at the end of the draft. My thinking I have a much better shot of landing a possible starter in the fifth than I have with 2 shots in the 6th. Let me know.
    4. CentralMOBuck
      What do you think of Lasers?
    5. jwinslow
      You are up in the draft. You got Austin, someone took Harris, and apparently Kenny Tate withdrew from the draft.
    6. CentralMOBuck
      LASERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Buying it now.
    7. stowfan
      It appears we are now in business with the 2011 mock draft, please check the last page of the thread for instructions, and times
    8. stowfan
      Got your first pick ready for the draft?
    9. jwinslow
    10. Sportsbuck28
      It's just a great experience. I'm currently pledging my fraternity right now. When I first came into college this year I wasn't even considering greek life, but ended up at a party and met some of the guys and just loved it. It's a great way to get involved on campus, for instance we're required to maintain a minimum GPA, do a certain amount of community service hours, and study hours at the library or in the study room of the house. It's also a great way to make connections, with all of the alumni all over Columbus and all over the nation. OSU has a really strict policy towards hazing, so there's none of that to worry about either. Overall, I definately recommend it. It's one of the best decisions I ever made. My initiation is actually on Sunday, and that will probably be one of the greatest days of my life.
    11. CentralMOBuck
      Hopefully. Do you follow him on Twitter or facebook? Yesterday there was some type of march/protest in NYC. It was originally supposed to be a protest about his album not getting released. Last week the release date of the cd got finalized, so it was a celebration instead.
    12. CentralMOBuck
      Did you see that Lupe's new cd has finally gotten a release date? It's a long way off, March 11th I think, especially since it's been done for quite a few months now.
    13. CentralMOBuck
      Actually that song is from Food and Liquor 2. Check out this interview with him. I've always thought Lupe was different from mainstream rappers and now I have even more respect for him. He's a genius. If his record label would get their shit together and release Lasers.

      Interview: Lupe Fiasco Talks “Lasers” Delay, Japanese Cartoon, and “Food & Liquor II” | Complex Blog
    14. CentralMOBuck
      Aren't you a Lupe Fiasco fan? If so have your heard his latest?

      YouTube - Lupe Fiasco - Go To Sleep [Full Version]
    15. jwinslow
      haha nice. Do you want me to make the pick for you?

      looks like you need:
      QB, OL, DT, LB, TE
      2010 Draft Needs: Buffalo Bills | Bleacher Report

      Here's a mock draft for your picks (though Bulaga is already gone)

      1.) Bryan Bulaga LT Iowa - I think is a real stud and could be a solid LT and really help out our O-Line.

      2.) Cam Thomas NT North Carolina - solid NT who can also get penetration n is a 3 down player.

      2.) Daryl Washington ILB TCU - this guy is super fast and is an amazing in coverage. He would def start next to Poz and be a solid compliment.

      3.) Jason Fox OT Miami - i think another OT is needed and he might even be our starting RT.

      4.) Danario Alexander WR Mizzou - a huge WR who had a bad combine but was really solid at Mizzou and has freakish size.

      5.) Myron Rolle S FSU - for some reason ppl are talking about him dropping and not really caring about football. I see this guy as being a beast not only a genius but also super athletic.

      6.) Colin Peek TE Alabama - Peek is an amazing blocker and we need a good blocking TE in twin sets.

      6.) James Stark RB UB - a solid 3rd down back who is great at catching passes outta the backfield n can be used outta the slot.
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    Delaware, Ohio
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    Ohio State
    High School Football player
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