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2018 FL (IL) OL Verdis Brown (Florida State Decommit; Illinois Signee)

MD Buckeye

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IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL)
Ht: 6'3"
Wt: 294 lbs
Class: 2018 (High School)

Was at camp today.
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I like this guy.
“I’ll come out with my Top 10 (on Friday),” Brown said. “I’ll still be open to all schools, but these will be the ones I’m focused on.”

While Brown did not want to name any of the schools on his list until he releases the complete list, it would be a surprise if Ohio State was left off. Brown, who originally attended Chicago (Ill.) Mt. Carmel, already talks about the Buckeyes’ big rival like he is a Buckeye.

“I’ve visited Ohio State twice,” Brown said. “I went to camp there and I went to their game against the team up north.”

The Buckeyes stopped to check on Brown earlier this spring.

“They were down here about two weeks ago,” Brown said. “It was coach Larry Johnson. I talk to coach (Greg) Stud(rawa) the most, but I also talk to coach (Urban) Meyer and coach (Tim) Hinton.”
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I like this guy.

Me too. I tend to forget about Verdis since his recruitment has been fairly quiet, but 100% of the CB's are to the good guys and he is a top talent. Interesting that he is ranked as both an OT and a DT by the various sites...I like the versatility, particularly if we could get him and Matthew Jones...gives us some serious options at two positions of need. Definitely want to see this kid in the S&G.
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“It went well,” Brown said when asked about spring practice. “Our team looked good. I played center. I’ll play that this coming season and center or guard in college. I like it. I have to make all the right calls. I can control the game more. At tackle you just worry about your job. At center you worry about everyone, the defensive calls, it’s interesting.”

The Buckeyes, who want to sign a center in their 2018 recruiting class, stopped at IMG twice this spring to check on Brown and others.

“Coach (Greg) Stud(rawa) came once and the defensive line coach (Larry Johnson) and another coach came the other time.”

The 6-foot-3 and 294-pound Brown said the Buckeyes are recruiting him as a center or guard.

“Ohio State is still one of my top schools,” Brown said. “I’ll get back up there around the middle or end of June. It will be for a visit, not for camp.”
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Yeah. And I just think the focus should be on a class with 5 OL and only 2 for the interior with Jones looking like he will be one of them. So Scruggs and call it a day for the interior IMO.

Edit: barring something unlikely such as that massive interior stud from GA. You never say no to him.
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