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DT Taron Vincent (San Antonio Brahmas)


Capo Regime
Staff member


Defensive tackle
Bradenton, Florida
IMG Academy

Wt:285 lbs
Class:2018 (High School)

Taron already has offers from Maryland, Ohio State and N.C. State. He will be at tOSU's spring game, is Troy Vincent's son, and loves Coach Johnson.
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Wiltfong expects Taron to grab one of the few '18 invites to The Opening.
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BN $ - Buckeyes in Top 2 for Country's No. 1 defensive tackle

Taron says he may visit tOSU during his spring break, but if not he will definitely make it back to Columbus in the summer. tOSU stands out to him as one of his top two schools with the other spot rotating around.
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