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don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining..

about red chicklets per se...you get them from time to time..or atleast i do. but it's annoying when people don't sign their name to them. so far the only person w/the cajones to actually sing their name along w/a red chicklet given to me was mililanibuckeye.

but a few weeks ago there was a thread about 'who here cheats?' and i simply wrote a few tidbits about how i don't generally cheat but had a few times. it wasn't in bragging manner or any manner really...it was just matter-of-factly...and some homo for some reason was bothered by my cheating. i don't get it...what kind of guy is bothered by my cheating on a few girls...which if anything i was kind of apologetic about and stressed that i don't do often.

so whoever you are...grow a pair of balls next time and sign your name. the whole thing seems bizarre to me...the only thing that would make sense is if it was the girl i cheated on who gave me the red chicklet, but i know that's not the case...i'm 100% sure she doesn't post here...
I agree it's annoying when people are too chicken to sign their dings, but all you can do about that is not be one of them. I only ding someone if they are a constant nuisance, flaming, trolling or saying something that totally crosses the line. If I feel strongly enough about something to ding a guy...I don't care what he thinks about me. Heck, me and Mistri had it out publically and cleared it up privately without a single ding exchanged.

If someone is chicken enough to give you an anonyding, they probably don't have enough rep to do that much damage with it. The WORST thing you can do is start a thread complaining about dings...that'll get you hit by the big boys.
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To be clear, complaining about anonymous dings, or any dings for that matter, in any forum will result in a warning. If anyone has an issue with the rep system, then they should disable it. If someone receives inappropriate dings, then they should contact a moderator or an administrator.

Oh, I almost forgot...

:shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake:
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