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Defensive Coordinator/LSU

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The Columbus Dispatch

Tim May

Mark Snyder said last night that he is staying at Ohio State.

Snyder, OSU’s defensive coordinator, said he would not be joining new coach Les Miles at Louisiana State.

"I want to end any speculation right now. I am staying at Ohio State," Snyder told The Dispatch.

He said he was never formally offered the LSU job and that he went to visit Miles last week on more of a consultation basis.

But reports out of Baton Rouge, La., indicated the relationship was more than that. They said Miles was interested in offering Snyder a three-year contract worth more than $275,000 a year, compared with Snyder’s current one-year, $185,000 contract at Ohio State.

Miles’ interest in Snyder was understandable. Snyder’s defense stifled Miles’ prolific Oklahoma State offense Dec. 29 in the Alamo Bowl, which the Buckeyes won 33-7. It capped Snyder’s first season as the coordinator after he served his first three years on the Jim Tressel staff as linebackers coach.

"I absolutely was flattered Les wanted to talk with me," Snyder, 38, said. "And he is such a great guy, a great coach. What he did at Oklahoma State was very impressive, and I know he’s going to do great things there at LSU. He is putting together a strong staff.

"But hey, I’m an Ohio guy (Ironton native), and you know how I feel about Tress. And the players we’ve recruited and we’re coaching, there’s a loyalty there both ways. We’ve done great things here, and we’re going to do more great things."

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Great news, Mark. Everyone is glad you're sticking around and agrees that you, JT and the Bucks are going to do many more great things while you're here.

In addition to being a popular decision for us fans, I am convinced it was a smart decision for you and yours. Many, many good things are in your future and you don't need to grab at the first thing that comes around. All things come to those who wait.
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- Ohio State's offense finally got rolling in the 2nd half of the Purdue game (250 yards in that half)

- I really like Snyder's schemes, but especially like his ability to finish off the game and not go to a prevent defense. We were all screaming our heads our heads off at Dantonio in the K-State and NC State games in '03, but Snyder really closed out the Michigan and Okie State games well.

- I think he's ready to become a very good DC next year, but the key offseason guy now is Tucker. I'm very curious as to who he selects to play CB opposite Youboty.
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Let the cards fall...
Snyder will have a dynamite year next season which will propel him into a head coaching position in 06. He stumbled out of the gates, but late in the season he was at the level of Dantonio.

I am pumped about this guy, and am very glad to have him back. Tucker will be the next in line.
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Old newb
daddyphatsacs said:
Tucker will be the next in line.

I agree that Tucker is the heir apparent and would be great for the job (if he stays long enough).

But what if Dick LeBeau were in the mix? I know that sounds far-fetched, but . . . My dad and Dick LeBeau go way back (to the time when LeBeau was just entering coaching). They haven't talked recently, and they certainly haven't talked about this, but it's Dad's hunch that LeBeau would be interested in the OSU DC job under Tressel if it were ever offered. Maybe not this year or next year (Steelers too close to the chance for a Super Bowl). But maybe a couple years from now. Some food for thought.

BTW, Dad predicted both the Earle Bruce and Jim Tressel hires.
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