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Defensive Coordinator/LSU


BPCFFB League #2 League Champion 2008 & 2010
Feb 8, 2004
Sun Diego
considering we have co-defensive coordinators, I would assume that Mel Tucker would be the name you are talking about if true. He may have put in some time down at LSU as well. If Les Miles were able to sway Mel from Ohio State that would be a great addition for LSU considering Tucker's expirience. But, there hasn't been talk about it around here.
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Watching. Always watching.
Staff member
Sep 5, 2004
The DEEP South
After working a year to settle in a defensive scheme and getting it to work well against UM and Okla State, and sitting on the cusp of what could be a national championship year, Snyder has decided to leave?

For LSU after a post-NC season and the letdown and criticism that will follow anything but a NC this year?

I think its more likely that Snyder teams up with Eddie Money for one more shot at rock stardom!

Never know, people do strange things, but can we please move this to the Rumor Mill? This is the kind of thing that unsettles recruits at the last minute and I must admit that I am very, very strongly suspicious.
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Assistant Coach
Aug 10, 2003
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Defensive coordinator interviews for job at LSU
Friday, January 21, 2005

A report from Baton Rouge, La., last night said Ohio State defensive coordinator Mark Snyder has been interviewed for the same job at Louisiana State.

Snyder could not be reached for comment last night.

He was interviewed by new LSU coach Les Miles yesterday, LSU athletics director Skip Bertman told the Baton Rouge Advocate. It was not known whether Snyder was offered the position.

The attraction appears obvious, though, because Miles just moved from Oklahoma State two weeks ago to succeed Nick Saban. The Ohio State defense smothered Miles’ offense in the Buckeyes’ 33-7 win in the Alamo Bowl on Dec. 29.

Miles interviewed at least three other candidates for the job but was rebuffed by all three.

Snyder, a native of Ironton and a graduate of Marshall, has been at Ohio State all four of the Jim Tressel seasons. Previously the linebackers coach, he was named defensive coordinator this time a year ago, replacing Mark Dantonio, who left to become coach at Cincinnati.

— Tim May

[email protected]
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