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Defensive Coordinator/LSU

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Never Forget 31-0
It is. He died 10 years ago at a very young age. The sig is my tribute to his talent.
Didn't he die of cancer?

Now back on topic...

I have to believe that Mark Snyder is being pushed out in my opinion. I really don't think Coach Tressel was happy with the defense during the middle of the season and the fact we have Tucker waiting in the wings and by all accounts is a rising star in the coaching ranks tells me alot.
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Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis
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On the surface the LATERAL movement of any OSU coach to another program is a negative IMO. (Even if it is for more cash we have to ask why someone else is paying more.)

Beneath the surface - and in the absence of any 'inside' information - there is nothing but pure speculation. I can recall the numerous 'personality clashes' among managers in the organizations I worked for and the many folks who left for that reason or for reasons as unrleated to the job as wanting to distance themselves from an ex-wife (it was strongly rumored when Gary Williams went to Maryland that maritial issue were at the heart of the move).

I have no idea why Snyder would consider such a move, but if it happens it will be tough to put a positive spin on it - and the timing sucks. 'Unscrupulous' HCs trying to convince recruits OSU is looking at some form of sanctions could have a lot of fun with this one.
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Let the cards fall...
I'm very puzzled as to why Snyder would make a move that seems backwards. I really do not have any logical explanation to this unless some serious $$ was thrown his way. Or maybe it is a sign of trouble inside our program, I doubt this though.
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Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis
Staff member
Could be JT wants it this way, but Snyder has been with the program as long as Tressel. What does JT know about him now that he didn't know before he promoted him? Is this a Peter Principle issue?

Also, what sort of leverage does JT have with the LSU HC to trigger such an offer? Of course it could be a result of feelers from Snyder, but if I am a HC at a major program I am a bit suspect of a DC who comes looking for a parallel move.
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Walk On
Snyder even coached for Tressel at YSU. Seems highly improbable to me that Tressel has just now found out something about Snyder that he doesn't like. It's hard for me to believe that Tressel would be pushing him aside at this point.

I know that Snyder and his wife were glad to get back to Ohio from Minnesota. It just doesn't seem likely to me that he would move laterally, and all the way to Louisiana, at this time.
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Like I mentioned earlier in the thread and wdg01 just brought up, Tressel was pushing Snyder to the Ohio University job. I like to think of simple and obvious reasons for something weird like this.

It isn't about money or prestige because Ohio State has all of those, so it has to be for some personal reasons. Whether it is Snyder wanting more power and being put into position to become a head coach, or whether Tressel likes Tucker as a coach more and the players respond to him better so Tressel is trying to make this a win/win scenerio by getting Snyder a great latteral move.

Beyond that it is all conjecture and opinion. But then again that is what message boards are for.
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If you want to speculate, the impression that you get from recruits is that Fickell busts his ass -- maybe Tucker isn't the only one (or the main one) that JT is trying to keep around.

If Snyder goes, the DB strategy changes a little while the overall defensive strategy probably doesn't. Fickell gets rewarded by moving up to Asst. DC (unless Heacock has the title?) and sticks around for a few more years.

Also, Tucker has been on record as saying that he wants TG2 to play some DEF - so if Snyder goes, the vBook might want to adjust the odds!

Sorry -- Ratboy is strung out on cold meds, so he might not make much sense.
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