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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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  • Overall, I was happy with the performance of the defense. They had their bad moments (missed tackle on the fake punt, giving up a couple big runs up the middle, letting WRs run free underneath), and we had a few breaks with receivers dropping a couple balls. Yet, overall I think the defense played well, especially against the run from the second quarter onward. The one I was most impressed with was Mike D'Andrea. He has clearly learned the game and wasn't noticeably out of position in any play. He harassed the QB a time or two and stuffed a few runs, all the while filling the lanes he was supposed to. Add Schlegel playing well also, and we have a killer MLB position for the next two years. The DL did well overall, although I would like to have seen a little bit more pressure put on the QB. The secondary played loose and allowed a lot of underneath junk, but nothing really big, and had a couple big hits.

    This defense is already pretty solid and is only going to get better as the season progresses.
    there is nothing negative to say about the defense today....standouts...fox, danimal, patterson, youboty, hawk and carpenter.....and turano...

    this entire team is ridiculous with talent...i dont know that even the 98 team had this type of players all over the place....they are young...but boy are they fun to watch...

    edit: even jt was smug after this game for once.....
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    Defense picks up where it left off

    12 UC offensive possesions:
    Plays/Yds Result
    5/22....FG ** fumble recoverd at OSU 32
    5/27....FG** INT at OSU 35

    UC offensive stats:
    11 First Downs
    76 yds rushing on 26 carries (2.9 ypc)
    162 yds passing (17/37)
    238 total offensive yds on 63 plays (3.8 ypp)
    5 of 18 on 3rd down conversions

    Overall the biggest thing that jumped out at me was just the speed. Plays that should have gone for 7-10 yd gains were just swallowed up. No doubt in my mind that there are only 4-5 teams MAX out there that can touch our defensive team speed. This would have been a 40 to 0 job if it weren't for youthful OSU mistakes offensively.
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    Honestly, the D played well but we have not seen anything yet. There was no way to scheme for this game...MD was a wildcard. tOSU had to guess as to schemes and could not gather any tendancies. A great job considering the circumstances, but look for this D to get nastier once the coaches are able to scheme.
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    dustin fox did not allow a catch, is this correct?

    i thought we played well, but this wasn't a great test. last year we struggled against teams with big physical blockers (wiscy and michigan), however we always dominate against speed teams (like miami and kansas st). so while i am happy with the performance, we won't really know for sure until the wisconsin game.
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    It seems as if Dantonio went after Ashton when he was in and stayed as far away from Fox as possible. I thought our db's played a good game overall. To me it looks like they were asked to keep everything underneath and make EVERY tackle, which they did, knowing that our linebackers would be there to clean up the remains. Our D-Line didn't get much pressure, but they did get their hands up and deflected a few balls when they couldn't get pressure. Good. Lots of gang tackles today, and that's always good. Overall score B+ with only the DLine with lots of room to improve.
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    Defense played good today as we all expect them to play. I actually thought the DLine played well considering UC moving the pocket to give Dugs time to try and throw. The dline stuffed the run, free'd up the LB's, deflected some passes, and harrassed the QB.
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    Watching highlights on ESPN2
    Reminded me to mention that Holmes laid a pretty good shot on the UC player who picked off the tip. Always nice to see :)

    the hit, not the INT.
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    The defense was probably the most impressive thing. UC could not run the ball at all and although UC did what I thought they would in attacking D. Fox. Fox played overall a good game.

    After watching this game I do think that Youboty and Underwood are ready from what I saw. Our secondary, is going to be better than I thought.
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