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DE Brandon Graham (official thread)


Brandon Graham
Detroit Crockett High
Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 235 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.43 seconds

-#1 prospect in state of Michigan according to Rivals and Scout
- has interest in Michigan, Ohio State, ND, Wisconsin, and Illinois as of now
- carries a 3.2 GPA in High School
- has been a varsity starter since his sophmore season
- named to the Rivals All-Junior Team

soph. stats (playing DE): 74 total tackles, 15 sacks, 2 interceptions, 1 ff
jr. stats (playing LB): 114 solo tackles, 20 sacks, 12 interceptions, 6 ff's
I moved this back into the Recruiting Forum. Although he may be a "Michigan lock" now, things can definitely change over the next 11 months. If a Michigan kid is listing Ohio State as a favorite, then I don't see a problem with having his thread in the forum, especially if he's the top player in the state. We've had threads on OOS kids that weren't even considering us.
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Not to mention the guy is a genuine bad arse. 6'2", 235, with 4.43 speed...are you kidding me? 114 solo tackles, 20 sacks, 12 interceptions, 6 ff's...I'll take that kind of LB anyday, regardless of his current residence.
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He has some unbelievable stats. This kid must have a never ending motor and a nose for the ball. I am happy that he at least has interest in OSU. I'm always ecstatic when an elite player from OSU doesn't list Michigan as a favorite. Let's hope we can steal one from TSUN. We owe TSUN for snagging MM from out of OH in 05' and this kid would more than make up for MM loss.
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LightningRod said:
The question is where he will play football this fall.

Detroit to shut schools & transfer 10,600 students

I didn't see Crockett HS on the list of schools to be closed. The only high schools listed were Cass Tech (Vernon Gholston's school), Chadsey, Comm & Media Arts, Renaissance, and Wilber Wright.

Moose said:
Not to mention the fact that Michigan has given OSU some great players...Vernon Gholston...

Gholston was from the Detroit system like Graham, so getting Graham to come to C-Bus is not a pipe dream.
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I'll bet he at least visits OSU. I think he takes all 5 of his visits. The kid said he would like to stretch his wings, if Tressel thinks this kid is a player you know OSU will go after him. Graham is going to be a hot commodity. He is by no means a done deal for Michigan, despite what that article from Insiders said.
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His stats are pretty impressive, but you have to remember they come from his HS team. I would always be at the least leary of HS stats. However, what does seem great about this kid is his work ethic, smarts (3.2 GPA in school), and athletic ability (6-2, 235 pounder who ran a 4.42-40 yard dash at a Michigan State summer camp). I assume he will be a top notch recruit because he is on Rivals All-Junior Team.

By the way congrats on Wells. He is a HECK of a player. I think he'll be an all-timer at RB if he doesn't outgrow the position.
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