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DB Brendon White (transfer to Rutgers)

MD Buckeye

BP Soft Verbal
Staff member
BP Recruiting Team
Former BPCFFB II Champ
Former FF League III Champ
Site Supporter: VIP
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Olentangy Liberty HS (Powell, OH)
Ht: 6'2"
Wt: 200 lbs
Class: 2017 (High School)

Scout (Free) - Buckeye Legacy Looking For Offer

Son of William White.
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I read an article a while back and analyst said 'Brendon White.. is a football player".. doesn't matter where you want to put him.. either side of the ball... anywhere on the field... you can expect Brendon White to make big plays... position=football player

the highlights i have seen on the local sports every Friday night have showed him making many offensive plays in addition to being an awesome safety....baller indeed....plus hes an Ohio kid...an OCC kid to be exact....paging @BUCKYLE
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